Importance of it in the context of doing business in Australia -

Importance of it in the context of doing business in Australia

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Social Marketing Assignment Question

1. Prepare an annotated bibliography that provides the basis for a review of the literature in a specific area of international competition? 2. Identify and evaluate strategies adopted by a firm to pursue an international growth opportunity related to emerging economies?

Social Marketing Assignment Solution

In this article Burchell, Rettie and Patel discuss the basic framework of social marketing and marries it with the social norm approach for behavior change. The article presents a vocabulary to analyze and explain the concept of social marketing. The authors trace the origins of Social marketing, right from the time the word social marketing was coined – by Kotler and Zaltman. The paper goes on to analyze the contemporary discourse and practice around social marketing. It discusses the controversy surrounding social marketing – on one hand, it has the power to usher in social changes like road safety, no smoking etc. and on the other hand, much social marketing campaign is just a façade to increase more consumption. The article goes on to discuss behavior change principles using sociological and psychological concepts. The authors conclude with how social marketing can leverage from the principles of the social norm approach to increase the effectiveness of a social marketing campaign to bring in social change.  The genesis of social marketing, the concepts behind it, and behavior change principles that are covered in this paper will be a guiding framework to decode social marketing and its implication for the business and society at large.
Whilst the last article was useful in developing a vocabulary around social marketing, this article goes beyond just as a descriptive tool. The author questions the traditional role and methods through which traditional social marketing campaigns have been carried out. He questions its relevance and the effectiveness of using traditional methods to counter contemporary issues. He argues that today’s managers’ decisions in regards to social marketing should be driven by new social change ideas and reflect upon contemporary marketing challenges – rather than depending on textbook approaches to problems. This paper provides a framework to implement social marketing campaigns for today’s problem – the author presents ‘a 3-dimensional model that includes: scope – co-creation, conversations, communities and markets; design – honoring people, radiating value, engaging service and enhancing experiences; value space – dignity, hope, love and trust’ (Lefebvre 2012). The article provides a pragmatic framework and weaves the theory with applications. This is very important for my research to help me create a model that would help to design a roadmap from the theories. It would help my research paper take a leap from being just descriptive to prescriptive……………..

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