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Sociology Assignment Sample on Individual Attributes Of A Person

Individual Attributes Person Sample Assignments

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Sociology Assignment Question

The aim of this essay on the topic “individual attributes of a person“, is to increase awareness of the influence that a practitioner's personal and professional characteristics and attributes can have on the manner in which they practice. An outcome of this essay should be increased understanding of the use of self within professional practice.  It should assist you to better integrate the use of self with practice realities and promote personal and professional development through reflection and critical analysis of individual style, orientation and approaches.  Whilst professional techniques will also be explored in this unit, this essay focuses on the unique characteristics of the individual practitioner and how this guides and shapes practice frameworks and hence practice outcomes. An understanding of self is imperative to the development of a framework for practice and forms the basis of becoming a reflective practitioner. Its major goal is to analyze the impact of personal & professional influences on individual practice.

Sociology Assignment Solution on “individual attributes of a person”


Reflective Practice is a way to assess one's own thoughts and actions that help in personal learning and development. It is an essential technique that helps an individual to benefit at both personal and professional levels, which may even change the whole life of a person. Although a self- reflection can be done in any circumstance or profession, but it is highly used in those fields wherein an individual is committed to the cause of others, such as Social Work, Nursing and Counselling.  These fields have largely benefitted from reflective practices that have developed the ideologies of individuals in a righteous manner (Montie et al., 2009).  Further, it is not wrong to say that the personal ideologies that an individual carries affect his/her individual practices. These are personal and professional ideologies that have a larger effect on the choices that an individual makes because a person becomes what he/ she thinks. And it is our own ideologies on life that makes us choose a certain path (Montie et al., 2009).

Similarly, my own ideologies and experiences at personal and professional levels had made me choose the path of Social Work. This reflective practice will demonstrate that how my personal and professional experiences have led me to opt for this path. It includes an exploration of different circumstances and areas of my life including cultural background, the influence of family, personal characteristics, spirituality and values and the motivations of practice…

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Practitioner's Past

I was born in Kerala, India into a Christian family that has followed the paths of religion and spirituality always. My primary education was mainly conducted in the state of Kerala, while the secondary and higher education took place in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Later I moved to Brisbane to complete my Masters. After completing school, I wanted to pursue a profession in Business and Entrepreneurship, which is why I opted for a degree of Master of Business Administration with majors in Human Resource and Finance. However, circumstances changed as such that I moved out of India and relocated to Brisbane to make a career in Social Work…

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Familial Influences

The role of family is an important element of everyone's life. A child is most close with family and it is the first social institution that helps in growth and development of an individual. The family is not only the first social interaction, but it is also the first element that helps in socialization. Specifically in a country like India, the role and importance of family an are indispensable need. Every individual is close to his/her family in India and the close family and kinship ties can be found everywhere in my country. Family plays an important role to instill values and norms into the life of an individual and these values are responsible for the development of certain personality types (Fook, J., 2012).  I belong to a middle-class South Indian family in Kerala, comprising of four (you may change this) family members. I and my sibling were always told that no matter what the situation is and what problem you are facing, never forget your parents. They are always there for your help and safeguard you from any problem in the best possible way…

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Individual Attributes

The individual attributes of a person are very important because they provide with the direction to the life of an individual. Individual attributes are something that is personal characteristics leading a person into a certain path. It is very important for an individual to have the awareness of the self and identity. The values, attributes and characteristics that a person learns from the primary socialization. This result in the development of the personality of an individual attain secondary and group socialization in the later stages of life. According to Herbert Mead, a person can only fully aware of one's own personality and become self- conscious when he/ she interacts with a group or a community (Blunden, A., 2010). Similarly, as a child or an adolescent, I never felt the need to have an idea about self or become conscious of my characteristics. But when I grew up and understood the importance of self- awareness, then I realized that the best way to identify individual attributes is by socializing with people. It helped me to understand and acknowledge my positivity and incompetency in different situations…

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Spirituality and Values

Spirituality and Values are essential in the profession of Social Work as this field of practice is guided by the principles of ethical and social values of a person. While working as a Social Worker, many people have faced difficult situations and often been in dilemma to choose the right path for others. Being a social worker is a great responsibility because it is one's own values and norms that change the life of the person in need. A social worker has the responsibility to take decisions for others and opt for the best possible solution for his/ her clients. Thus, the role of spirituality and values of a social worker not only transforms personal life but also influences the life of others (Stenmark, M., 2011)

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Motivations for Practice

Every individual is born with distinct characteristics and behavior, some select the path that they have been dreaming since their childhood, while others create a new direction altogether. In my case, I chose a different path because of the motivations that I got in my life. As a child, I enjoyed helping people and listening to their problems. But when I grew up, I realized that the best way to have a successful career was to get a degree in MBA and become an entrepreneur. While pursuing MBA degree, I also opted for charity events and social services because I enjoyed doing them. I was associated with several church-based activities that took part in the development of slums, empowerment of the youth and visiting jails. I am also a member of Jesus Youth group that gave me immense exposure in dealing with HIV-infected people and promoting the well-being of society…

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In this project, I have summarized my whole life into a few pages. I have tried my best to reflect the most important and crucial elements from my life that developed my personality and bring me where I am today. I included parts of my life pertaining to my family, values, religion, experiences and personal opinions. All these situations have helped to develop a better personality and become a better human being…

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