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International growth strategy| British Airways

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Business Administration Question

Identify and evaluate strategies adopted by a firm to pursue an international growth opportunity related to emerging economies.

Business Administration Solution

International business operations are always profitable for companies and generated options to sustain for a longer period. However, it is not very simple to enter an international market. With a view of establishing the brand name in a foreign market, there is a need for focusing on various aspects. The major element is related to conducting research, gathering the most relevant information and developing business strategies accordingly. British Airways got the leverage of scalability and while entering into an emerging economy they have a chance to dominate the market. However, international competition in India is also very high that creates trouble for the company. British Airways is not so competitive and innovative in terms of delivering service quality. However, an improvement could be done by analyzing external and internal analyses. The company can also understand the nature of local customers to survive and capturing a huge market base. Overall, it can be mentioned that opportunities can be availed only if a company positively utilizes their strengths and eradicate weak aspects. 
This world has become a world of opportunities for multinational companies. The organizations want to enter in every economy and country so that they can target the potential customers and can increase their revenues. The companies formulated different kinds of international strategies and plan to grab growth opportunities in emerging economies (Johansson & Pallmar, 2014). In the current report, the international strategies of a company to attain international growth opportunities in an emerging economy have been discussed. It explains the theories that helped companies to sustain in an international environment. The selected company in the current scenario is British Airways and an emerging economy to be studied in India. 
Company Background:
British Airways (BA) is one of the reputed and well-established airlines in the whole world. The company has generated a huge customer base and its operations all across the globe. The company is based in the UK and contributed immensely to the UK’s economy. BA was founded in the year 1974, and it is a public company. Currently, the fleet size for the company is 295 approx, and they cover 550 destinations……….

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