Introduction to tourism and environment -

Introduction to tourism and environment

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Tourism Research Project Question

1. The question of “Tourism and conversation: conflict, coexistence pr symbiosis” was first raised by Gerado Budowski in 1976. Since that time there has been considerable debate on this subject. Review arguments which support a favourable link between tourism and conservation and those which perceive conflict. Include in your discussion specific examples of developments that have attempted to improve the relationship between tourism and the environment, including eco-certification.
2. In many places around the world communities have expressed seriouus antagonism towards and/or tourism. Using specific examples, try to identify the causes of such community backlash and suggest actions which might lead to a better relationship with local people.
3. Tourism is frequently accused of contributing to potential climate change and is sometimes claimed to be unsustainable. One way to examine this topic is to develop a better appreciation of the ecological foot-print of tourism. Discuss the literature on this topic and also specify ways in which tourism businesses and individual tourists can try to reduce their ecological foot-print.
4. Coastal environments provide exceptional opportunities for tourism. Identify these and examine the kinds of issues which must be considered when planning and managing for sustainable coastal tourism development (e.g. places like Cairns, the Gold Coast of Hawaii) rather than management at the level of an operational business or tour.
5. Discuss the impacts of tourism on wildlife. Include in your discussion reference to the difficulties of measuring such impacts and the application of the precautionary principle to their management. You should use examples from both terrestrial ana marine envronments.

Tourism Research Project Solution

Tourism can play a very important role in any country from an economic development point of view (Dwyer, 2010). In certain cases, the revenue obtained from tourism helps the country to largely improve its strength of financial stability. Tourism, however, can be considered as a double-edged sword since it has its own pros and cons.
The different needs of the increasing tourists and the change in culture that can happen due to the increasing number of tourists should be understood well.  It is important to take the appropriate steps in order on a timely basis in order to adapt to the changing scenarios with respect to the residents and the locals. Hence, the preservation of such tourism activities is both an important and challenging task. 
The important factors affecting tourism, the issues associated with respect to them and the possible solutions that can be brought about to cub those issues would be discussed in detail.
Factors affecting Tourism:
One of the biggest factors that influence the growth of tourism in a particular country is the contribution of the local residents. (Sally Asker, 2010). The tourism sector of any country can only flourish if there is a good understanding between the locals and the tourists.
Importance of Local communities:
The importance of local communities in the development of the tourism sector of any country cannot be underestimated. The government should be able to understand the effect or impact of the various tourism activities on the local residents (Breugel, 2013)…………….

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