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IS/IT Implementation Proposal

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Information Technology Assignment Question

Task Description

The purpose of Assignment 2 and Assignment 3 is to evaluate your ability to develop a comprehensive implementation proposal for an information system that uses a systems approach. The Systems Implementation Proposal should be targeted at a potential ‘sponsor’ organisation that will need to be convinced of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the proposed new system.

Part A of Systems Implementation Proposal (Assignment 2)

Part A of the proposal (Assignment 2) focuses on understanding your organization (or the organization you have chosen) and exploring the opportunity for IS/IT improvement (e.g., selecting an information system to support organisation’s strategic objectives).

Choose an information system (e.g., ERP systems, CRM systems, SCM Systems, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Executive Information Systems, Enterprise Portals, Data Warehouse & Data Mining Applications, Enterprise Collaboration Systems, Knowledge Management Systems, and so on) that you have studied in this unit. Alternatively, you may wish to combine features of several systems.

Your assignment should describe the steps of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) discussed in Topic 3 of the subject. The proposed system must address an identifiable problem/opportunity that exists in the sponsor organisation and relate to particular aspects of the organisation’s overall strategic directions. It is important that you select the features of your system carefully and justify your selection. Do not just use (be critical of the use of) the standard features of a commercially available software package. For the purposes of this assignment, try to keep the system that you are proposing to a manageable size.

Your proposed system could help the ‘sponsor’ by:

  • improving an existing manual information system
  • introducing a new information system
  • creating a new business opportunity
  • improving organisational productivity.

The sponsor could be:

  • top management of your company
  • an investor
  • a financial institution which will lend you money
  • a client who has engaged you as a consultant.

Information Technology Assignment Answer


With the rise in a competitive market environment, companies are forced to implement robust strategies to ensure operational excellence that deliver better results and assist in gaining competitive advantage. Companies are making progressive investments in information system, or technology (IS/IT) to market fluctuations (Karim 2011). This scenario is widely observed in the retail industry. Implementing a point of sale system would assist retailers in improving control over the business process, enhancing efficiency and boosting revenue. It is expected to be a fine-tuner of the existing retail business model with major features such as quick checkout, easy inventory tracking, customer data management and provision for automated purchasing. This project proposal is for the implementation of retail point-of-sale (POS) system at Australia- based Woolworths Supermarkets. This proposal gives a brief background information about Woolworths, an analysis of the influence of the internal and external environment on its business process, the opportunity for IS/IT system to be implemented and the identification of the suitable system. The justification of the selected system and its relevance with the organisation’s strategic objectives are described. 

1. Organisation Background

Founded in 1924, Woolworths Limited is a major retailer in Australia with stores and supermarkets throughout Australian and New Zealand. Currently, it operates 992 Woolworths Supermakets. In 2016, the Supermarkets division posted revenue of $34.8 billion, a decrease of 0.2% on the previous year (Woolworths Group 2017). The decline in sales was attributed to the low price strategy adopted, which cost $500 million, to re-establish competitive position and a growth in the market share. By the beginning of 2017, conditions improved due to the increase focus on stabilizing the patterns observed in items per basket. It has made a shift towards the renewal of its existing stores rather than with new expansions. Its employees are encouraged to focus boosting sales productivity and sales per square meter as their key incentive metrics.

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