Leadership Change Is Not Just Common Sense -

Leadership Change Is Not Just Common Sense

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Nursing Question

Thesis for our poster: Leadership change in not just common sense, it requires research, training and preparation. 

Some arguments that we could explore:

  • Define common sense – what is it exactly
  • External help and knowledge is needed
  • Not always a natural trend
  • Has resistance from others
  • Is change an easy thing for organisations
  • Who initiates the change and is it always needed?

Basic plan for attack:

We could make four separate arguments based on our own professional backgrounds (NURSE & a MIDWIFE). Each member is responsible for their sections. We will then review what we have written and will smooth out potential issues and plan our arguments in more detail. 5-6 dot points per person

We create our own individual script to speak to those dot points. 500 words per person. 

Nursing Solution

The Leadership Change is not just Common Sense

Logical thinking is actually a term which defines the meaning of the word ‘common sense’ clearly and specifically. Talking about common sense, it is important to keep in mind that it is an essential thing to have in every aspect especially for personnel working in health care organizations but is not at all that understandable and common as it is perceived. Hence, it is a highly preferred quality in personnel with job description such as Nursing or Midwives, but it is not the only one.

Leadership and management, whether in nursing institutions, medical care, or health care, are generally defined as art, not science. Nursing and midwifery is a profession which requires a lot of practice, expertise, knowledge, and skill. Common sense is a basic set of skill which is required at the management level, and much of the effective decisions of management involves common sense and logical thinking. But it is not just all, leadership in the nursing sector, seems to be extremely common on the one hand, and it is also found as extremely rare on the other hand, that is why it is hard to find potential nurses and midwives (Schreiner, 2003). Good management at nursing institutions has to acknowledge the production capacity, less turnover, better ethics, good morale, efficient teamwork, and safety culture within an organization which requires an extensive amount of knowledge and training at regular intervals. A competitive health care organization does not leave its technical architecture, and system design to chance; thus, follow a well-defined outlook for the workflow development. Such an organization does not ever overlook a single aspect of any activity of its organization. 

Therefore, it would not be correct to define change as an easy or difficult thing for nursing organizations as it cannot be judged (Sadeghi, Samsami, Bikmoradi, & Moghimbeigi, 2016). Change is something that completely depends upon the timeframe and is determined by the opportunities and threats it brings with itself. It is expected that the managerial body can predict the forthcoming changes and modify according to it before hand for a smoother transition.

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