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Human Resource Assignment Sample on Leadership Styles

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Human Resource Assignment Question

We are asking you to put together an analysis of a leadership challenge, based on a situation you are facing (or have faced) at work.  If you are not working at the time, you may choose either a situation from a previous job or the situation of someone else well known to you.  Use a selection of the information you received over the 2 days of the course to analyze your chosen leadership situation. Discussions around the value proposition, strategic choices to ensure present and future viability, change management, mobilizing teams, leadership skills and examples from the live cases are all tools you can use for the assignment. For past situations:  How might you have handled this situation differently?  Why were the results positive, negative?  For current situations you might describe the planned actions with rationale based on the tools.

Human Resource Assignment Solution on Leadership Styles

Leadership challenge: A situation

Year 2007-2008

Mr. XYZ is working in ABC Bank as Manager (sales). Since after graduating from a premier business school, he got campus placement and is working here for last 8 years. In ABC Bank, there is a sales department which is being headed by Mr. XYZ, who reports to the AVP sales regional office. This department is mainly involved in selling banking products to the customers by pitching in the branch or getting leads from the front staff (operations) or backend people. In the current profile, Mr. XYZ handles a team of 4 Sales Associates, 2 callers, 3 sales executives. The bank branch is located in one of the posh location in the city having a sufficiently good number of HNI (High net-worth individuals) customers and daily footfall is around 2000 customers in a day. In this way, in terms of business, the branch does have a hold on customers in the market and the bank is doing well. Though in his assignment, Mr. XYZ has seen many downturns and pressure from both inside and outside the organization but, this time the situation which Mr. XYZ is facing seems to be very serious…

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Year 2013-2014

After five years of the crisis, Mr. XYZ is still working in the same branch with same team but with some more additional responsibilities. Many of his colleagues who joined with him had left the job and is settled in low paying jobs but, Mr. XYZ is still happily serving the same organization…

Leadership Challenge: An Analysis

To examine the leadership qualities and aspects of Manager XYZ, I highlight to focus upon the following points.

  • Describing in brief the attributes/characteristics/traits of XYZ (receiving /gathering information and working with his team), i.e. Trait-based leadership analysis.
  • Focusing on his behavior, team skills, and actions in conjunction with his personality traits, i.e. behavioral approach analysis.
  • Analyzing leadership approach and styles contingent on context, i.e. contingency approach…

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Mr. XYZ. So, they have the willingness to do the job and have the guidance as provided by Mr. XYZ.

House (1971) gave the path-goal theory of leadership. House (1971) describes some situational moderators on which the effects of specific leaders' behaviors are contingent. House (1996) summarizes the theory by stating that, 'operative leaders comprise in behaviors that counterpart subordinates’ settings and capabilities in a fashion that pay for scarcities and is involved to subordinate contentment and enactment”. The author further states that there exist four kinds of leader behaviors (achievement-oriented, directive, participative, and supportive) which are contingent upon the environment factors and team member characteristics…

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