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Leading and Managing people

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Human Resource Assignment Question


Develop a personal leadership model with reference to at least three (3) major areas of leadership (e.g. ethics, multiculturalism, teamwork, philosophy, psychology, power, leadership theory, management). Refer to the examples and instructions provided in the textbook for guidance and apply the following guidelines to your leadership model: 


  • Explain the main organizing idea or issue in your leadership model? E.G. credibility, vision, traits, relationships, etc.

  • Describe what you consider to be the most important traits, skills and tasks of an effective leader. 

  • Explain the core values that your leadership model emphasises. 

  • Explain how the relationships in the organisation/group that exist will benefit as a result of using your leadership model.

  • Describe the culture of the organization/group that would exist if your model was used.

  • Explain what the leadership practiced in your model is seeking to achieve?

  • Explain why your leadership model is different than what currently exists? If it is not different, explain why you have elected for the status quo.  

  • Explain how you will personally apply your leadership model.


Human Resource Assignment Solution


In this present business world, every business organization likes to increase its performance according to the market needs and the management team of an organization takes responsibility for the same. Therefore, a manager is an asset to any company who acts as one of the leaders of the organization (Alexander 2013). The leader or manager does not only lead or manages the workplace but also inspires the team to work hard and deliver the best results. The leadership skill of a person can be defined as the ability to use or reform the present situation of the organization effectively. Leaders are the team players who are in charge of getting the work done by emphasizing the rules & regulations, making the essential decision to achieve the goals of the organization. Leadership management can be applied to anyone who is in a position to lead others, not necessarily a manager (Forster 2005) .  The best way to succeed as a leader is to view yourself as a part of the team and not as the person in charge. This will surely help to improve communication skills, which makes not only easier for you to understand but is also easier for others. The feedback given by the employees will give you a clear understanding of what needs to be improved and how can the changes be made. Effective leadership is a great tool to bring back the lost employees and inspire them to work efficiently. 

Effective leadership

Effective leadership not only accomplishes the goals of the company but also helps the people to connect with their potentials and help them to achieve goals collectively as a team. Effective leadership brings great changes to the working of the organization (Dowling 2008). These changes can be seen only when leaders face certain risks and challenges. How we deal with the changes, reflect who we are and how will we cultivate as a leader.  An efficient leader must have the quality to stay calm even in the worst conflicts, their mantra should be “When you lose your temper, you lose.” He must have the quality to listen and to make wise decisions accordingly. The aim of an efficient leader should be to convert their vision into reality. 


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