M Commerce Business for Builders and Building firms

M Commerce Business for Builders and Building firms

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Information Technology Assignment Question

Make a proposal for M Commerce Business for Builders and Building firms. Also, build a mobile application for the business proposal.

Information Technology Assignment Solution on M Commerce Business for Builders and Building firms

Let me start with a very recent news. The UK government is planning to build thousands of new homes, in a project starting in 2015 (Department for Communities and Local Government, 2014). The current projections estimate a total of 200,000 homes by the end of 2020. Despite this, the National Association of Estate Agent (NAEA), UK, believes this will be inadequate and largely fall short of the total demand (The National Association of Estate Agents, 2014)! In other words, heavily influenced by three immediate major factors namely, base rate rise, changes to stamp duty, and the General Election, UK's real estate market is booming. Adding to this the main drivers for demand, namely the need for development, rising income levels, etc., (PriceWaterhouse Coopers, 2015) this sector will face a sharp acceleration in the already upwards trajectory they are riding.

Citing another report by Ofcom, the use of mobiles and tablets to search online are growing seven times faster than using desktop and laptop for the same purpose and will accelerate further in future (Computing, 2014). This is a huge figure considering the fact that more than half of the population of UK is using smartphones.

Combining these facts, I present a viable and sustainable business plan, where the growing mass of potential real estate customers in the UK will depend on his smartphone or tablet to give him complete information to make a purchase decision.

Competitive Advantage of the business:

The present market in the UK, although having a large number of players (read upwards of 100,000), fail to appeal to the younger generation for a number of reasons. The most significant reason being the using of an outdated business model, based on brick-and-mortar stores and direct selling. This leaves a huge gap with the new-age tech-savvy customers looking forward to a set of services (discussed further into this b-plan) from the comfort of their homes. Realizing this gap, a few companies stepped in with their websites but managed to only scratch the surface with a limited set of features in it, or with very basic and redundant information. However, again this is getting outdated with customers demanding information on the go and a suitable platform of comparison and evaluation of the builder's competencies in terms of completed projects. At present, there are zero methods of meeting these requirements. My unique mobile app will address these issues and cater to these customers in a simple yet efficient method as discussed below.

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