MAN21000 Is Corporate Bribery acceptable under some Circumstances?

MAN21000 Is Corporate Bribery acceptable under some Circumstances?

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Is Corporate Bribery acceptable under some Circumstances?

Business Management Assignment Solution on Social Responsibility and Business Ethics

All eyebrows are raised, when the word, 'bribery' is invoked, especially in the corporate world. But, is it all evil? [A1] Are there situations where bribery is not only harmful but necessary for the business' smooth functioning? We shall review this conundrum in this paper, by analyzing scholarly works done on this subject of corporate bribery.

Ampratwum. F.E . 2008. 'The fight against corruption and its implications for development in developing and transaction economies', Journal of Money Laundering Control, vol.10, No. 1, pp. 76-87

Description: This article is an evaluation of various studies done on the subject of corruption, as to how various policies to fight bribery and corruption impacts the social and economic scenario in both developing and transition economies. The articles state that there is an inherent way of doing business in a developing country, and in most of these countries corruption is fairly regular and is considered 'normal'. The article says that there are positive impacts of bribery on the social aspect in the countries. Socially, as nepotism reduces it benefits the less financially privileged in the society. But, on the economic aspect, he states that companies trying to follow policies combating corruption face strong resistance, thereby thwarting their growth, and in turn affecting the growth of the economy of the nation.

Analysis: This article contains literature review of a large number of scholarly literature done from the year 1965-2005; hence the study is quite holistic and provides a fair picture on the subject of bribery

Evaluation: The fact that it is published in the journal of money laundering, speaks volumes about the rigor of the paper. It is a very useful and important paper to get a broad understanding of the subject.

Michael Segon, December 2010, 'Corruption as part of National Culture: The disconnect between values, ethics, and etiquette' International Review of Business Research Papers Volume 6 Number 6. Pp.259 –275

Description: This article talks about the challenges that a new business face, when they enter a foreign land, as the western style of negotiating fails them to connect with the local businessmen. For instance, he says that places with Confucius culture, do tend to form a relationship by sharing gifts. Now, this may fall under the purview of a bribe in the western world, but here it is just the way of warming to each other, it is a natural part of the culture. Hence companies cannot universally force their ethics policies while doing business in the foreign land. He leaves the paper open-ended, with the conclusion that more research needs to be done, to conclusively state whether businessmen who unconsciously because of their local culture, indulge in unethical practices can be categorized as corrupt.

Analysis: The paper is a just a review of all the work done on culture in relations to ethics. It basically provides a comprehensive knowledge of the work already done on the subject

Evaluation: The paper would have been more effective and of more value, if after undertaking the analysis, the author gave his own point of view on the subject, which he fails to do.

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