Management Assignment Sample on Strategic Planning and Management

Management Assignment Sample on Strategic Planning and Management

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Management Assignment Question

Assessment one requires students to complete an in-depth capability (internal) analyses of their target organization

This assignment from unit named “Strategic Planning and Management” and the prescription text for the unit is Hubbard, G., Rice, J., & Galvin, P. (2014). Strategic Management (5th ed.). Pearson.

Management Assignment Solution

ANZ or 'Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited' is among st the largest banks of 'Australia and New Zealand'. It has a worldwide customer base of eight million people worldwide. ANZ expertise in delivering financial services not only to retail, but HNI clients as well. It also has a diverse client base of small, medium and large enterprises.
For the purpose of this report, ANZ's internal capabilities will be analyzed with the help of a few models such as SWOT (particularly its Strengths and Weaknesses), along with an examination of its Internal resources, such as financial, physical, human resources, technological, reputation,  etc.

For the SWOT Analysis, the strengths and weaknesses form part of its internal capabilities, and, the Opportunities and Threats are external in nature. Hence, this report will examine only ANZ's strengths and weaknesses as part of its internal capability evaluation.


•    One of the biggest banks in New Zealand.
•    ANZ has a well-diversified product portfolio, which reduces and spreads its risks.
•    ANZ has a high market share in Australia, countries in the Pacific and New Zealand.


•    Predominantly low global presence and exposure, when compared to other big banks such as the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) or HSBC.
•    The Australian Banking system is prone to a lot of changes and interest rate fluctuations.
•    Increasing competition in the Australian market, especially from Foreign banks with much larger financial resources compared to ANZ.


•    In 2014, profit after tax attributable to shareholders of the Organization was $7,271 million, an increment of 15% over the earlier year.
•    Operating income of $1,532 million (8%) was fundamentally determined by higher net investment pay taking after a 12% increment in normal Assets that generate interest, halfway counterbalance by a 9 basis point decrease in net interest cover. Operating costs expanded $503 million (6%).
•    The credit disability charge diminished by $202 million (17%), with credit quality enhancements remarkably over New Zealand and IIB divisions.
•    Balance sheet development was solid with aggregate resources, expanding by $69.1 billion (10%) and aggregate liabilities expanding by $65.4 billion (10%). (ANZ, 2014)

Human Resources

ANZ understands that their most noteworthy resource is our kin. They are dynamic experts on an adventure to make a super-local bank that plans to be the best associated and most regarded bank in the Asia Pacific district. ANZ is presently joined over 33 nations and gives world class learning open doors and convincing vocational pathways for its kind. ANZ employs 48000 people worldwide and values their employees as their critical asset in business development. (The Social Research Center, 2008)


ANZ is currently the third largest bank in terms of business sector underwriting in Australia, with Commonwealth Bank being first, and Westpac Banking Corporation being the second in ranking. Australian operations comprise the largest portion of ANZ’s business. ANZ changed to ANZ New Zealand Limited in the country of New Zealand in the year 2013. From 2004 TO 2013 it simultaneously operated two distinct brand names in New Zealand, namely, ANZ and the 'National Bank' of New Zealand. This 'National Bank' brand was surrendered in 2012, with the different augmentations closing and others changing over to ANZ extensions. With regard to operations, ANZ has been continuously successful in living up to the expectations across thirty different countries in the world. ANZ was declared as the most sensible bank in 2008 according to the 'Dow Jones Sustainability Index'. This was the second year in a row for getting that award. Apart from being a major Australian banking player in the Asia-Pacific region, ANZ has created sustainable markets in countries like, the Republic of China, Indonesia and Vietnam. ANZ is like a fundamental bank in New Zealand and competes in numerous diverse markets with individual Australian banks like Westpac. It's contribution to the economic as well as the financial stability of these regions has been very commendable.
In August, ANZ acquired the retail units of RBS in Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia as well as Hong Kong. Moving ahead, it also acquired RBS's cash associations in Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam. It was purchased at for a whooping price of $687 million. At ALB Hong Kong Law Awards for 2008, ANZ was awarded the prestigious 'Deal of the Year' award, in the financial deals category. Currently, the association has a 1,337 functional branches across the world. The company has been consistently extending work yield from offshore working environments. Indian operations of the company started from Bangalore in the year 1989, and are among st the first relationships to use IT staff arranged in India. ANZ uses a staff strength of 5000 in Bangalore, India. Thus, the company has a strong culture for diversification and expansion…..


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