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Management Theories And Models Case Study

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Psychology Assignment Question

Write a case analysis which is  based on management theories and models.

Psychology Assignment Solution

Mission of the company

The mission statement of Southern Rail is “To ensure that the transport, tourism and sports sectors to make the greatest possible contribution to economic recovery, fiscal consolidation, job creation and social development.” The organisation has been concentrating on improving the experience of customers, and the company has been using the model of a franchise to build a bigger network.

Strategic planning process of Southern Rail

The customers of Southern Rail are from all over the country, and hence any strategy has to be planned and executed in a smooth manner. Unlike other products, the transport industry faces more challenges due to the social and political climate prevailing.

The first step towards executing a strategy is to define and set achievable goals for the company. These goals have to be specific and measurable. Some of the strategies planned are to achieve greater transparency through reporting, better communication, to provide information with clarity and to deliver training services punctually with quality to its customers.

A detailed SWOT analysis has to be performed in which the various strengths, weaknesses are assessed (Michael Short, 2013). These are generally based on the quality that the company has assimilated over the years. The strengths of Southern Rail include its strong network of franchises, huge workforce and experienced senior board looking after its corporate affairs. The main weakness is that in spite of having a huge workforce, there are various labour issues, including strikes, that causes disruption in its services. Due to the increasing population, the need for transport efficiency is required. Due to increasing vehicle congestion on the roads, railway networks have a much bigger need. The threat is that which is posed by competing rail networks and other models of transport. Although the railway network is faster, less punctuality would translate to less dependability, and hence people would choose road transport instead.

Based on the above, it is clear that Southern rail can become a much better organisation if the aspect of punctuality is given more impetus. Employee grievances should be addressed through monetary compensation or qualitative measures (Chahrazad Abdallah, 2013). When strikes are averted, and employees are kept happy, their morale increases, which in turn lead to more punctuality.

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