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Mental State Examination Report

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Psychology Assignment Question

For Part B you are required to review the mental state examination interview you performed in Part A and submit your findings for assessment in the form of a mental state examination report.

How is this assessment linked to the learning outcomes?

HLTH510: This assessment is linked to learning outcomes 2 and 4:

  1. critically analyse the theoretical, legal, ethical and policy frameworks for inter professional mental health practice including evidence-based interventions for mental health and well-being;
  2. demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills to undertake a mental health assessment and employ common mental health assessment tools within a recovery framework;
  3. plan and execute collaborative mental health care that supports the rights of people and their carers to access and participate in their treatment and recovery across the lifespan in a variety of health and community settings;
  4. demonstrate the application of core skills for low intensity mental health and wellbeing within a recovery framework with high level personal autonomy and accountability; and
  5. demonstrate mastery of and reflect critically on evidence-based practice for common mental health presentations to demonstrate understanding of the impact of health breakdown, the psychosocial dimensions of the illness experience, and the effects on the family and significant others.

Instructions for Part B

Please use the interview data from the MSE interview you conducted in Part A of this assessment to complete a report in the format provided for a mental state examination (MSE). In your report please ensure you:

  • Refer to the diagnostic criteria as listed in the DSM-5 (American Psychiatric Association, 2013) in order to justify any decision that the client has/has not a psychiatric disorder.
  • Support your conclusions by providing evidence from your interview (i.e. using direct quotes).
  • Use the information provided in the “Mental state examination (MSE) training guide” to guide you when writing your report.

Psychology Assignment Solution


The mini-mental state examination conducted to assess the cognitive state of the patient, namely Mr. Jim. This assessment is performed based on a particular questionnaire, which consists of certain questions, which assess the current state of the patient mood. The evidence of well-developed active listening skills and information gathering skills assesses the patient mood. The questionnaire is consistent with DSM-5 Criteria, and this assessment performed based on standardized K-10 test. This examination assesses for appetite disturbance, sleep disturbance, delusions such as persecution, control, and grandeur. The patient mood assessed by determining his sleep, appetite disturbance and asking questions on hallucinations auditory and visual. Briefly, his attention, memory, orientation was assessed to determine his cognition effectiveness. Finally using DSM-5 criteria, the patient diagnosis was determined and explained the same to the patient.


Mr. Jim found to be very young and wearing casual wear during the interview. He was clean shaved and had good personal hygiene practice during the interview period. He is not much tensed during the interview and politely answering for all the questions. He understood the importance of the interview, and also all the questions were answered appropriately except few. When the patient does not understand the question, he politely asked to repeat the question. The doctor has not noted any shivering while answering very tough questions. He is quite normal. Overall the outcome on the general appearance of Mr. Jim found to be polite, brave, and intelligent.


In-line with DSM-5 Criteria, general behaviour was assessed by testing his cognition orientation by asking certain personal questions as well as asking certain memory twisters. The client answered appropriately for all the personal questions, including appetite, medications, physical and mental fitness. He answered all the questions very politely without any tension. During the interview, only when the doctor advised not to intake the narcotic drugs for sleep disturbance, the client got a little bit tensed. Except for this situation, rest all the time, the behaviour of the client looks fine.

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