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Methodological Review Assignment 2

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This assessment item requires you to write a critical review about the research design adopted for three empirical studies that relate to your proposed research topic. This assessment is designed to give you insights into methodological approaches that may be suitable for your own proposed research project. This assessment may also provide insight into mistakes previous researchers may have made concering their research design. You will also gain experience in searching for and retrieving academic literature that relates to your intended research project.


You are required to search for and retrieve three separate pieces of empirical research relating to your intended research concept that have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals. You are then required to write a critical review about each piece of research explaining the appropriateness of each study’s research design to your proposed research concept. Specific instructions are located below.

Be clear that you must review empirical research published as articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. Empirical research/studies are where the author(s) have collected and analysed data. Typically, such articles will exhibit a distinct methodology/methods section (though the actual heading will vary between articles), and a section presenting analysis of data. Empirical research articles contrast with the other main form of articles published in peer-reviewed journals – conceptual articles. Conceptual articles typically review the literature on a certain subject, or may develop theoretical ideas without analysing data. Conceptual articles are not suitable for this assignment. There is no date limit on the articles you review. Ask your lecturer if unsure.

Peer-reviewed academic journals are those held by university libraries. Students can search for relevant research articles by searching scholarly databases such as Google Scholar or Proquest (see the “Databases” section of the SCU Library website). Full-text articles may then be retrieved by searching in the SCU Library catalogue, or in some cases scholarly databases may provide a direct link through to the full-text. Contact the Library if you are unsure how to search for, or retrieve articles – it is not within your lecturer’s duties to teach you how to search for such information. Note that trade/industry practitioner publications are not a suitable source of research for this assignment.

Business Management Solution

1. Introduction

In a business environment where companies offer similar product or service offerings at competitive prices with multi-media marketing, the ability to deliver a higher degree of customer satisfaction is considered as a distinguishing factor. The competitive scenario has made companies to recognise customer satisfaction as a vital component for product/ service quality and customer relationship management (Kobylanski, 2012). Academic researchers have observed that high customer satisfaction leads to positivity and leads to customer loyalty.  

The proposed research – “Significance of customer satisfaction in the airline industry for the promotion of tourism”, is carried out to emphasize the importance of customer satisfaction with the focus on Qantas Airways. The objective of this research is to determine and analyse the factors that contribute to customer satisfaction in the airline industry and the proposition of customer satisfaction to the airline industry and tourism.  The key research objectives are,

  • To examine the factors which drive Qantas as being the best airline 
  • To comprehend the impact of customer perception towards the definite and indefinable components of air travel. 
  • To ascertain the significance of customer satisfaction in the airline industry and its proposition for tourism promotion both regionally and internationally. 

         This report reviews three empirical research studies related to the proposed topic based on the research strategy adopted, data collection and analysis.

2. Review 1 – “An empirical analysis of customer satisfaction in international air travel” (Clemes et al., 2008)

2.1. Overview of Research Study

The air travel industry is affected by the occurrence of terrorist attacks, wars, epidemic disease outbreaks and natural catastrophes (Clemes et al., 2008, p.49). This study analyses the factors that have an impact on airline passengers’ satisfaction and behavioural intentions. The study is focused on various dimensions that have a favourable and unfavourable influence on service quality as per passengers’ perception. Seven dimensions are identified – “timeliness, assurance, convenience, helpfulness, comfort, meals, and safety and security” (Clemes et al., 2008, p.49). The findings of this study disclose that safety and security are given high importance whereas timeliness is given the least priority. It is also observed that passengers’ view about service quality varies according to their demographic profile.

2.2. Review of Methodological Approach, Research Strategy and Data Collection Methods 

Based on the literature review, a conceptual model (Clemes et al., 2008, p.52) is created to show the dependency of dimensions, service quality and customer satisfaction (Appendix A). The researcher has used the SERVQUAL model (Hong & Jun, 2006) to analyse the service quality to identify the significant quality dimensions that lead to customer satisfaction. Ten hypotheses are formulated based on this analysis (Clemes et al., 2008, p.53).

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