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MKT00720 Marketing strategies and processes of real organisations

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Marketing Assignment Question

FT Lexicon defines crowdfunding as a new and emerging way of funding new ideas or projects by borrowing funding from large numbers of people often accessed through a website. Although crowd funding started as a way of raising capital for start-ups, even larger and already established firms can use this financing channel to raise money. In your region, you can access more information about crowdfunding through Crowdonomic, a website for
Asian crowdfunding sources, which launched in Singapore in 2013 (the website address is Your uncle, an experienced engineer, is considering a proper development of his business idea – to manufacture blades for fans produced by larger firms. Your uncle has a clear technological advantage over competitors as he came up with a revolutionary galvanizing
process for blades which offers huge cost savings. He has also an extensive managerial/operational experience – in addition to it he is already running a very small operation in his garage under the name Superblades. What he lacks is the necessary funding to finance the new venture – and he hopes that you, as a UoB finance student, will be able to help him in his project which you should treat as a start-up firm.
For a start, he asked you to write him a memorandum about start-up financing – how a small company is usually financed. He is particularly interested whether he will be able to borrow money from the bank from the early days of his company's existence. Only yesterday he received a trial contract from the UK firm to deliver his blades. The contract is in GBP for £50,000 payable in one month's time, there is no credit risk arising
from this UK client yet there is still the exchange rate risk and that is why your uncle wants you to hedge against currency movements. You know that he will have to pay its suppliers and employees in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and that he prefers to use forward exchange
FM Coursework, Kaplan Singapore, 2015-16 Page 3
Please prepare a memorandum to answer your uncle's questions. In particular, in very
clearly separated sections, please:
1. Identify the sources of finance in different growth stages of the company, – 40 marks
2. Describe banks' preferences while lending to companies in general, – 10 marks
3. Using 5 factors of your choice assess the role which crowdfunding might play in his
venture and in what stage it might become a realistic financing option – 20 marks
4. Define a forward exchange contract and explain why would you like to use this
protection and – 25 marks
5. Clearly show your calculations and flow of hedging transaction – 5 marks

Marketing Assignment Solution

Marketing strategies are not just identification of customer needs and communication of benefits but also needs the organizations to build experiences that are immersive and which engage consumers. This signifies that the marketers have to integrate seamlessly new capabilities and skills (Forbes, 2013). Two organizations that have achieved success due to their innovative marketing strategies are Singapore Airlines and Manchester United. The positioning of Singapore Airlines is that of a premium carrier which has high levels of innovation along with levels of service that are excellent (Heracleous & Wirtz, 2009). The second case is related to the Manchester United football club. It explores the successful commercial strategy which was developed from the mid -the 1990s onwards by the board of the Manchester United Plc (Chadwick & Arthur, 2008).

1.    Case Studies

Case Study 1 – The Case Strategy and Organization at Singapore Airlines: Achieving sustainable advantage through dual strategy

(Source – Journal of Air Transport Management, Volume 15, Issue 6, November 2009, Pages 274-279)

As a part of this case study, research was conducted on Singapore Airlines for seven years. The strategies of the organization particularly its competitiveness as well as the organizational competencies which supported service delivery in a manner that was cost effective were examined (Heracleous et al, 2009).  Primary as well as secondary data was collected pertaining to the development of competencies and the assistance which was given by the operational configurations of SIA, its functional strategies, and processes of innovation (Heracleous & Wirtz, 2009). The study found that the strategic choice made by the company was selecting profitability over size. The internal practices of the organization like the constant process of people development as well as a service design that is rigorous are the major aspects of its operations and sustaining its strategic choice and positioning. The related diversification strategy is being followed by the airlines at the corporate level. The Singapore Airlines Group comprises 36 direct subsidiaries along with other associated companies (Singapore Airlines, 2008). The organization has been able to gain a competitive advantage in an industry that faces cut-throat competition from the premium and low-cost carriers (Heracleous & Wirtz, 2009).


(Source – International Cases in the Business of Sports, Edited by Simon Chadwick and Dave Arthur, 2008)

In this case study an examination is done of the continued success prospects in light of the fact that under the ownership of the Glazers, the club has transformed from being debt-free to having a balance sheet with very important borrowings that demand interest servicing payments in every financial year that are very high. An aggressive commercial approach has also been adopted pertaining to its association with the supporters of the club (Chadwick & Arthur, 2008).

One of the greatest names in the history of world football is Manchester United. The reputation of the football giant is derived from three main sources. Firstly, the formidable achievement record which the club had attained from the early part of the 1960s. Secondly, the status which it enjoys among the supporters is iconic. The status originated from the time of Sir Matt Busby, the celebrated manager who rebuilt the team consequent to the tragic air crash that occurred in 1958 at the Munich Airport, leaving eight players dead and caused serious injuries to others. The team was re-fashioned by Butsy and it became linked to the free spirit which was a reflection of the liberal social changes in the 1960s in Western Europe and North America. Thirdly, in 1991 it became the first football club of England to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. In terms of the development of a commercial strategy for marketing, it has been the most innovative club and is also the most profitable one (Chadwick & Arthur, 2008).

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