MNG00703 Organisational change and development -

MNG00703 Organisational change and development

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Business Management Question

Consider an organisational change that you have recently experienced. Write a reflective report that indicates how you personally transitioned in the change. Your report must include one of the following three that is most relevant to your case:
1. Politics, power and leadership.
2. Communicating change and motivating others.
3. The learning connection.
It must also include an evaluation of the change through an appropriate framework or model.
A note on reflective writing
Reflecting on an experience involves drawing on current understandings to think deeply and purposefully about what can be learned from the experience. Reflective writing includes four areas of reflection: 
1. Report on or describe the issue or experience and explain why it is important. Give your initial response to the experience or issue.
2. Relate the issue/experience to your own experience.
3. Reason about or discuss the issue/experience to demonstrate an understanding.
4. Reconstruct your understanding of the changes that have occurred as result of the experience and your reflection upon it.

Business Management Solution

Every organization, which is growing faces the problem of making substantial internal changes in many situations. The growth of the organization requires it to change the goals or differentiate them based on the market situation. The success of change implementation depends on different factors, which include communicating the change effectively to key stakeholders and motivating them to get involved in the change process. In my previous workplace, Sekhon Pvt. Ltd. I experienced a change process. The company decided to change its traditional approach of carrying out business processes and implement integrated software to carry out the different processes. As a Sales Manager, I contributed towards overcoming the challenge of resistance from the team members with respect to the proposed change. In the process, I learned that effective communication about the change process and motivation can help in overcoming the resistance.

Communication is very important during change management as it helps in overcoming the fears and concerns, which are aroused by change (Hiatt & Creasy, 2013). Communication and motivation should be an ongoing process in change management as the people involved will have new concerns and require an understanding of the change throughout the process (Gilley, et al., 2009). It is essential for the leaders to make the team understand the need for change and communicate the relevance of the change to their tasks, which will help in implementing required changes effectively. Following is the reflective report, which discusses one of my experiences of the change process in my previous workplace……………………….

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