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MNG00704 Brief Review Of Organisation

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Human Resource Assignment Question

Write a brief overview of the organisation, including a description of the company and the nature of the problems/challenges. Then briefly mention your major task?

Human Resource Assignment Solution


The organization mentioned in the case study has been identified with the problem that its section managers lack people management skills, interpersonal and leadership skills. It was discovered in the various training programmes that were held with the section managers that they lack these skills. They were defined as “grossly under skilled in interpersonal skills” by the participants of the training program that revolved around interpersonal skills. It was also discovered that the organization has adopted a culture where they appreciate the work done by their male employees and hence it is mainly male oriented. They are given an atmosphere where they are made to be tough and rough. However, this is not an excuse for deteriorting interpersonal skills. This can also be concluded by the way the director concluded an important meeting that laid an emphasis on the weak interpersonal skills of the managers. The following plan outlines a HRD intervention program by the end of which the section managers will have developed and enhanced their interpersonal as well as leadership skills. The program will indirectly help the managers to accept that the approach they have been following till now was faulty. In a way this program indirectly aims at improving the productivity of the company as a whole. The managers, when once align their goals and objectives with those of their subordinates, and they further align their goals with those of the organization, there is no looking back.

Program design and approach

The HRD intervention program is designed by considering certain factors. The design of a program generally starts by doing Need assessment. (Amber, 2015) It is important to be clear who is to be trained. The section managers are to be trained. The section managers will be trained through role plays, coaching, mentoring and by reading case studies. It is important to conduct a training need analysis. This has already been done. It has been discovered from the various successful training programs that have been held previously, that there is an immediate need of training for the section managers to improve their interpersonal and leadership skills. This is an issue which can be addressed by training and HRD intervention. (Medatwal, 2006) There is no need of outsourcing the training program as the skills that are required to be installed within the managers, are the skills that can be handled by taking soft skills sessions and sessions that will take up topics which enhances leadership skills. The HRD Manager of the company clearly is a great orator and is a people’s person. She is the perfect person who can be taken a trainer and who can take sessions. This will also work for the program as the target group is section managers who are males. There is a tendency for a male to listen what a female says. They also tend to attend the sessions and there will be no scope for them to avoid the sessions. The HRD Manager is a confident woman and she will make the sessions interesting………………..

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