Modification of Research proposal – Mobile Security -

Modification of Research proposal – Mobile Security

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Write a research proposal on modification of Mobile security

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The purpose of this research is to assess the security concerns for modern mobile devices. In this era of ubiquitous mobile services, the research intends to explore the current situation of mobile devices and their vulnerability towards security breach. It also intends to evaluate the primary areas where susceptibility of security breaches remains high and the possible capability building exercise which could be done for ensuring protection. An attempt would also be made to analyze the modern techniques and strategies, in terms of current developments, to combat these threats. 

Introduction and background

Mobile services have become an indispensable part of everyday life. The primary usage of mobile phones is driven by the ease of performing a variety of ubiquitous services (Oliveira, et al., 2013). An increasingly central important is being played by smartphones in influencing the ways in which people get entertained. Apart from that, the ways in which people communicate and the network has also changed dramatically (Dye, 2013). Whether it is the convenience of internet banking or online shopping, smartphones have made a huge impact in the lives of the people. With developing innovative technologies, there are several advancements occurring in the mobile phone industry. These innovations are primarily centered on performance improvements, storage enhancements, application support and enhancement in capabilities, etc. Yet for every new kind of innovation, there is an associated corollary risk. For example, Application storage allows unprecedented access to a huge variety of programs, but at the same time serve as a fertile environment for malware distribution amongst the users. Similarly, the improved capabilities and power, allow the phones to be used for a number of business purposes (Enck, 2011), but at the same time makes the system susceptible to exposure of critical corporate data and information. While mature security applications are ubiquitous in laptops, a majority of mobile devices are devoid of robust security mechanisms (Enck, 2011). 

With the huge spike in the number of mobile phone users, the typologies of vulnerabilities ready to exploit this communication medium have also spiked up (Tekade, 2014). Mobile phones, and specifically smartphones, have become an integral target for malware writers (Mylonas & Tsoumas, 2011). The growth rate of these threats has been very alarming (Enck, 2011). The most common forms of risks which mobile devices are prone to are, theft of sensitive user data, attack by wireless sniffers, remote access enabled fraud, malformed SMS, causing the system to crash (Shabtai, 2012), etc. This research aims to assess the counter-measures and security strategies which exist to handle these common breaches.

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