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NY Assignment Help for University Students in New York

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Assignment services we cover

Academic essay writing

Our assignment writers are here to draft your critical analysis essays persuasive essays and college application essays.

Dissertation writing

We also help students with their masters’ dissertation papers, semester term papers and other research writing services.

Homework help

Our assignment experts also cater to high school students and undergrad students, helping them with their homework.

Report writing

We also help you write marketing reports, business plans, crack finance case studies, write papers on law, nursing etc.

Academic proofreading

You can send us your papers and academic essays and we’ll proofread it for structural errors and verify the citations.

CPD assignments

Our team have industry experts from all sectors to help working professionals with their CPD assignments and TAFE courses.

What we offer

Free plagiarism report

All our assignment submissions are 100% plagiarism free and verified. We even attach a free Grammarly report with every order.

On-time delivery

All our assignment orders are delivered on or before the due date. And we refund your money back in case there are delays from our end.

Manual Proofreading

Our review team offers exclusive academic proofreading services wherein we manually proofread your essays and check citations.

Real-Time Edits

Reach out to us anytime for any kind of rework or revision on your paper. And we will do it all for free if it matches the original order.

10+ subjects

At Assignment Essay Help, we cover 10+ subject areas ranging from marketing, law, nursing, computer programming, finance and English.

100+ Experts

We have software engineers, educators, nursing experts, marketing gurus, lawyers, tech experts and finance analysts on our team.

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Common FAQs

All you have to do is fill out the Order Placement Form to send us your assignment details. Then based on your requirement, we will give you a price quote. And you can pay the advance amount to confirm the order.

Not necessarily, although we have a PayPal link for all the payments, you don’t need an account to complete the transaction. We do accept debit and credit cards to complete the payment.

As per the refund policy, we will send the complete payment back to the client in case there is any delay or error at our end. We have a dispute resolution team to analyse these issues and their decision is final.

We don’t usually encourage order cancellations because a lot of our academic resources go to waste. However if you still want to cancel the order due to any unavoidable cirumstances, then please note that you will not get the advance amount. 

Yes, we do have local and international assignment writers on board. And if you have an assignment topic that requires a local writer from New York, then you we can give your essay to a local professional.

We have assignment writers from the most prestigious New York universities. We cater to a lot of subjects from marketing to science, law, nursing and even humanities related topics.

Yes, we get a lot of order for business law case studies, criminal law paper, civil law papers, international customary law reports and research. And we use a lot of infographics and references to add more credibility to your paper.

Plus, we also cite a lot of journals, research papers, government reports and statistical studies to build a solid hypothesis.

xYes, financial reports and studies are a popular assignment order we get from our clients. We have a free resource kit wherein you can find academic resources, tools to complete your paper.

Yes, professional development courses is a great way to upgrade your skills and improve your career prospects. And people who take up these certifications often have to take up a lot of essays, online case studies and papers to get your final certification. We have experts to help you through CPD courses, TAFE courses and other certifications.

Of course, client satisfaction is our top priority, and we incorporate all these edits and changes you want in the essay for free. This is applicable only when your rework request falls in line with the original assignment order.

As per the mid-review policy, the client has to pay half the amount upfront for a half-done assignment. You can review the paper and then complete the payment only after you’re happy with the first draft.

We run your content through Grammarly to check for typos, structural errors, and factual mistakes. Other than that, we also run the content through a plagiarism checker and attach a free plagiarism checker for better academic credibility. 

We also have a review team to manually proofread to check for factual mistakes and check the citations as well.

Yes, we do cater to urgent deadlines and can proofread and edit your thesis paper in a day, provided we have reviewers who are available to take up your assignment order. Send us the professor comments, peer feedback etc. for more insights. 

It depends on the length of the report and the topic difficulty level. In case it is a 10-page report on SWOT or PESLTE analysis, it would take us about 3-4 days to prepare it.

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