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Organisational change and development

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Human Resource Assignment Question

Q.1 Change strategy
Sometimes, according to Hayes (2014), those leading change give insufficient attention to developing a change strategy fit for purpose.Identify a recent change in your organization and critically assess the effectiveness of the strategy used to implement it. What situational variables did the organization under estimate or even fail to take into account when shaping the change strategy?
Q.2 Intervention techniques
There is no one right formula for intervention as every organization and environmental context is different. Evaluate and select the most appropriate change management intervention technique to support the implementation of a continuous improvement strategy you are familiar with.
Q.3 Sustaining the change
As we come to the end of our unit this is a time for review and reflection. You will have an opportunity to comment on the unit itself at a later stage. What I would like you to focus on at this point is reflections of the practicing change manager – you!
Consider the following:
1. What specifically has impacted your thinking during the unit and why?
2. How will it/does it inform your practice as an evidence based practitioner?
3. Of the various topics presented in the unit which one resonates best with you?
4. Are there any implications for how you would act in the future?
5. If you were to add an idea to managing organizational change, what would be your contribution?

Human Resource Assignment Solution


Solution 1

A major IT system change had taken place in our organization in recent times, which resulted in major changes in the overall functions and responsibilities of all departments, and employees of the company. For the implementation of the change, the leader very effectively considered the McKinsey’s 7S model, thus reflecting on all factors of shared values, strategies, structure, systems, style, staff and skills, which helped the employees to accept the change and also do their part effectively to make the change a success. Our leader ensured that the changing roles for all employees were rightly and clearly shared, clarifying the role and importance of the new IT system too. 

Since the new responsibilities were clearly communicated, and the leader, along with the management teams helped us all through with our problem solving, it was helpful for us to accept and follow the change. The situational variable missed in the process was effective training on the use of the new systems, which initially lacked. Hence, although we could easily accept the change, we were facing challenges in dealing with the upgrades. Later on, our leader realized our problem and developed effective training sessions to help us thoroughly with the implementation of the change.

Solution 2

Some of the most popular intervention strategies include human resources management intervention that focuses on managing employee-related actions such as goal setting, recruitment, training, and related activities, the Lewin change model that focuses on unfreezing, changing, and refreezing to implement the change, and the Kotter’s eight-stage model that targets an integrated change management plan. For the effectiveness of a change, the target needs to be on the Six Sigma process, which identifies errors and defects in business processes, helping in rectifying and improving on them to achieve overall high-quality performance. In order to complete quality control on changes through Six Sigma implementation, the eight stages change intervention model given by John Kotter proves to be effective………………………..

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