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Organisational change and development

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Human Resource Assignment Question

Consider an organisational change that you have recently experienced. Write a reflective report that indicates how you personally transitioned in the change. Your report must include one (1) of the following three that is most relevant to your case: 
1. Politics, power and leadership. 
2. Communicating change and motivating others. 
3. The learning connection. 

Human Resource Assignment Solution


This report reflects my experiences as an HR professional while I was part of a team implementing an intervention program for section managers in my company. The problem identified in the organization was the lack of managerial, interpersonal and leadership skills among section managers. Also, the organization was male-dominated. To resolve the issues and build up a good communication channel between managers and their subordinates, an HRD intervention program was implemented. The outcome of the program assisted the manager to develop their skill sets and accept that their management approach needs modifications. The program targeted to enhance the productivity of the company.  The overall outcome expected is the long-term employee commitment to the company.

My role in the implementation of the intervention program was that of a change agent. On the due course of the intervention program, I realized the need for such a program and the reason for companies to invest in their human resources. Investments in HR initiatives are made to ensure employee commitment over the long-term and adding value and competitive advantage to the company. Employees are to be communicated properly about the changes and are to be motivated to ensure their eager participation.

I also learned that as a management professional, especially in the HR field, there is a need to develop my interpersonal skills with teamwork. As the organizational change process involves different business functions, conflict management abilities become essential to manage various issues. This intervention program has enabled my critical thinking skills and has improved my abilities to view occurrences from a corporate strategic standpoint. In order for the intervention training program to be successful, the company has to hire skilled practitioners and design the training program, it’s content and evaluation methods to ensure training program effectiveness………………

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