Osteoarthritis Case Study Analysis -

Osteoarthritis Case Study Analysis

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Nursing Question

We have given you the context of the person  – who, where they live etc. and what they do.  You choose the disease that the person has that you want to concentrate your case study on. There are numerous case studies in most of your text books. The text book for this course has many case studies throughout. YOU need to develop a lot of the appropriate data for the case study.

Nursing Solution


In the case study help is taken of a chosen patient named Marika, who is an old octogenarian lady suffering from the chronic and painful disease of osteoarthritis respectively. In terms of the incidence, symptoms and intensity of the disease in the old woman, a health analysis will be conducted based on the disease with the help of suitable medical concepts and ideas based on detection, diagnosis and medication and stages of the pain of intense origin faced by the octogenarian lady at her ripe old age from various facets and angle respectively.

Definition of the disease: Osteoarthritis is a bone-based disease where the cartilage covering of bones become weak due to continuous usage leading to joint pins in between the bones with the weakening of that cartilage which otherwise acted as a shield protecting that joint part (Cooper and Harvey, 2012). This leads to painful swellings at the joint in knees and ankles of the patient as for Marika here, and the patient has a sensation as if the cartilage connecting the joint ends of the respective affected area is lost or as if they do not exist at all.

Incidence of the disease: Osteoarthritis takes place or occurs when the person under concern reaches his or her old age (Cooper and Harvey, 2012). e.g. Marika in 80’s when the lubricating fluid in the cartilage in the leg joints becomes low due to lack of blood circulating in the body due to oldness.

Causes of Osteoarthritis

There are many causes of osteoarthritis; a few important ones are produced below in details as follows

Family-based history of diseases according to hierarchy: It is mainly seen that persons having a record of joint pins due to injuries brought from sports or any kinds of accidents generally pass that disease burden to their future generation of successors.

Gender of the vulnerable patient: Females more prone to osteoarthritis

Females due to their tender physical infrastructure are mainly composed of weak bones which are much lesser deficient in calcium than the male sex, and so females such as Marika becomes an easy victim of osteoarthritis at their old ages (Weiss, 2015).

Age of persons vulnerable to osteoarthritis

The persons who are old generally loss the strength of cartilage who’s withering leads to osteoarthritis in a strict manner.

Excessive use of joints by doing hazardous work for a long period of time 

Excessive laborious task is done by the patient in manual labour terms at youth or adult age often leads to osteoarthritis problem in their leg joints at the old period between a septuagenarian and octogenarian origin, respectively.

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