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Nursing Assignment Question

What is the Significance of Jewish Culture on Palliative Care Nursing? Showcase with the help of a poster.

Nursing Assignment Solution on Significance of Jewish Culture on Palliative Care Nursing


Dealing with life limiting health problems is a traumatic experience for patients as well as families. Palliative approach refers to strategies or interventions which aim to improve quality of life of the patient by focusing upon body, mind and spirit. It can be achieved by different methods in which spirituality or cultural aspect of a person is critical. Although medical science has been developed many folds, advice and suggestions of Rabbis (Jewish religious persons) must be sought while addressing patients from Jewish culture. The diverseness in Jewish cultural belief and practice makes it difficult for palliative care nurses to stick to any particular healthcare guidelines (Bentur, Emanuel, & Cherney, 2012). The belief of the patient and families in the terminal illness matters a lot, as Jewish perception of palliative care is seen as a prohibited form of losing faith in the healing process. It is seen as a step against the belief that GOD will heal that may result in punishment to those who are involved in this procedure. Therefore, from nursing and biomedical ethics point of view, facilitating care within their perceived belief and practice is a better option than challenging it. The practices of Jewish differ in their way and degree of complexity. Therefore, a nurse must have thorough knowledge of Jewish cultural traditions as well as practices throughout the year, while facilitating palliative care (Richardson, MacLeod, & Kent, 2012). Case study reports implicate families of end of life patients often asks palliative care nurses what type of approach should be followed Maimonedean or Nachmanidean in order to have a miracle?    The meaning of the above question is whether they should take palliative care into account or go for regular therapeutic treatments to partner with GOD and have a miraculous healing. But the question often faced by nurses is whether we should do our best for treatment keeping a note on palliation or just facilitate palliative care and wait for GOD to help. While, there are different school of thoughts on this note, taking a contemporary Jewish perspective the nurses must respect the person's view but must be made to understand that we need to do our best to improve his/her life's quality. The religious sentiments are yet maintained with a hope of healing which always persists. It is better to go for all treatment options available to us as suggested by the medical team, until and unless palliative care is indicated by families post discussion with the doctor (Coyle, 2014). According to Jewish belief, if in case of terminal illness no cure is available to a patient, then treatments must not be facilitated to extend the suffering for the sake of keeping alive. It can be facilitated on one condition, if the patient thinks that treatment helps in psychological and spiritual aspects of his/her life. This indicates, nurses require a clear understanding of Jewish faiths and practices at the same time if required must take help from Rabbis to know more about Jewish ethics (Prosser, Korman, & Feinstein, 2012). Therefore, understanding Jewish culture can help nurses to provide best palliative care without breaching biomedical ethics…

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