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Personal Action Research Plan

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Education-Teaching Assignment Question

Post three research questions that you will consider using as a reference basis for an Action Research study in your classroom. Explain why these research questions would be effective in guiding a viable research exploration, and how they reflect a passion prominent in your current professional life. Provide a Rationale for your research questions using the Litmus Test as Support.

Education-Teaching Assignment Solution

The three research questions that I would like to post and follow for my further work are 

1) What role would stories play to increase vocabulary in ESL students?

2) What are the difficulties that students go through while vocabulary acquisition?

3) What are the different approaches in teaching words and what are the activities that would be useful to improve ESL student’s vocabulary?

          As Action Research study’s purpose is to find the solution for a particular problem and provide strategies for practice (Ballard 2015; Mertler 2014, pp. 16), I would like to use this study to work on my research questions which are centered to increase the vocabulary of ESL students among the age group of fifteen to twenty years. These students have had learnt other languages before but none of them belongs to the English speaking community. Their mother tongue is different than English but they have had a second language in school. 

These research questions would be highly effective in guiding a viable research exploration for two important reasons: the increasing growth of English speaking community and the developments based on English is making everyone aware that English is a necessity now. But there are still roadblocks to learn English for those who have never lived in English speaking society. This research would help those students to make them a part of the modern English speaking world successfully. Another reason is these research questions also look at the areas where these students find difficulties to learn English; it would be helpful for the further researches and researchers working in this area if I could come up with some solutions through action plan study. Most likely, better activities done by actions would engage them in more learning. Since I aim to become an English teacher, this study would help my professional life as well by providing me with the insights for innovative teaching methods and techniques.

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