PPT on Operational Activities at Identified Organziation -

PPT on Operational Activities at Identified Organziation

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Marketing Assignment Question

Critical analysis of the operations activities in Heathrow Airport, Tui Travel and the Catering facilities (central kitchen in Dubai) of Emirates Airline 

Marketing Assignment Solution


  • Analysis of the operations activities in Heathrow Airport  
  • Analysis of the operations activities in Tui Travel 
  • Analysis of the operations activities in the  Catering facilities (central kitchen in Dubai) of Emirates Airline

Operations activities in Heathrow Airport Heathrow Airport, London

  • Heathrow is operating since 1946
  • Heathrow Airport is the busiest European airport, and 2nd in the world.
  • It carries around 60 millions passengers along with 1.3 millions of cargo annually.
  • Heathrow is connected with the city by Heathrow Express
  • Heathrow has 4 terminals
  • Terminals are connected with Personal Transit Pods that are operated through battery (Improving our Operational Resilience 2014).
  • Transit pods carry luggage and passengers and faster than buses.
  • Heathrow works with 56 airlines from 80 countries.
  • Terminal 5 of Heathrow is multifaceted construction projects with facilities of supply chain management and procurement (Improving our Operational Resilience 2014). 
  • Multifaceted projects consist of communication, civil, electrical systems, technology, and mechanical contractors . 

Operational Activities at Heathrow Airport

  • Ground Services
  • Driving- delivery of baggage to aircraft
  • Loading and unloading of aircraft
  • Sorting of baggage
  • Security check of baggage
  • Snow clearance
  • Aircraft Categorization Review- It monitors the noise, and is approve by local planning authority.
  • Bird Control services- Heathrow has a Bird Control Unit that is controlled by the operations of Airfield. 
  • Cleaning terminals- Contractors carry out cleaning process in terminals.
  • Construction- Construction activities range from building new terminals to refurbishment of the previous buildings (Improving our Operational Resilience 2014).
  • Parking- Heathrow provides safe operations through shuttle buses that run between terminals and car parking areas.
  • Fire prevention- Heathrow has 2000 shops, bars, and restaurants at their terminals, and fire preventive measures are deployed over it.
  • Communication- A web based system is accreted that provides effective communication services (Improving our Operational Resilience 2014).

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