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Human Resource Assignment Question

Question 1:

Many Organisations provide a professional mentoring service to their new graduates or employees. This can take the form of personal mentoring, where a senior employee mentors a new or junior member of staff. How do you think that you could benefit from having mentor during the initial years of your professional employment?

Question 2:

Provide details of 2 activities that you are going to undertake as part of your professional career planning. These might include attending ACS events, subscribing to professional, gaming accreditation in specific technical areas, or any others that you would like to undertake. For each activity, describe how you believe that this will progress your professional career.

Human Resource Assignment Solution

Answer 1:

Having a mentor during the initial years of a professional career can provide some inherent benefits as explained below.

·         Initial guidance: A lot of queries arise during the initial phase of one's career, and a mentor could be the right person to get the doubts clarified or to know exactly where to search for a specific information.

·         Advice on Do's and Don'ts:   Being himself experienced in the situations which one can encounter at work, a mentor can guide through the various Do's and Don'ts and thus navigate me through tricky situations

·         Business networking:  A mentor can also act as a link to meet and interact with other influential people within the organization. In this way, one can expand one's list of personal as well as professional network.

·         Staying focused: A mentor could serve as an important source of advice to stay focused on the right track and work towards professional skill development

·         New perspectives: A mentor can promote new ways of thinking within one self by looking at things from a more experienced perspective.


Answer 2:

Subscribing to publications on information technology

Moving ahead in a professional career, I would like to subscribe to publications on information technology domain. One such example is 'Open Source for u' series of magazines. This would help me attain a number of professional objectives like keeping myself updated with latest developments in open source software technologies. Apart from that, it would also keep me informed about the key security issues, mitigation strategies and risk management pertaining to mobile and desktop technologies. This would boost my knowledge and skills as an IT professional.


Taking accreditation on database technologies

Secondly, taking accreditations pertaining to expertise in database technologies would be another important step. This is important so as to build the necessary professional skills for making myself suitable for working in an organizational setting. Apart from providing a theoretical knowledge on databases, the course would also provide be effective 'hands-on' practice to better sharpen my database skills. This would also boost my credibility before my employers and provide me added advantages during interviews and selection processes.


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