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Types Of CVs We Write

Functional CVs

Functional CVs are pretty basic and can be used for any industry. These CVs are useful for entry-level jobs. We write resumes for high school students.

Teaching CVs

Teaching CVs are specifically designed to list the qualifications of aspiring educators and professors. Our writers help structure your resume.

Nursing CVs

Nursing CVs are useful for aspiring nursing interns and students fresh out of the nursing school. Reach out to us to get your resume updated in a day!

IT-based CVs

We also draft resumes for IT jobs and internships. Our client base ranges from high school students to university students and working professionals.

Combination CVs

Combination CVs are a mix of hard and soft skills. Here we also include recommendation letters and SOPs for university students.

Targeted CVs

Targeted CVs are industry-specific and require a lot of professional insight. Lucky for you, we have industry experts on board to help you.

What goes in a CV?

Industry Relevancy

The CV format and framework is according to your job sector, ensuring that the most relevant skills are highlighted.

Technical Skills

Our professional development experts are aware of the technical expertise needed to enhance your CV.

Soft Skills

We also include soft skills like people management, analytical abilities, and communication skills on your CV.


To give your application an extra boost, we add recommendation letters and SOPs to your resume as well.

Academic Merit

We know all the academic credentials and eligibility criteria required in your field of study. So, flaunt that GPA!

Quality Assurance

We run your resumes through Grammarly, attaching a free Grammarly report with every submission.

Bag Your Dream Job With The Perfect CV!

Common client questions about CVs

Frequently Asked Questions

A CV is the best way to collect and curate your skillset and make it marketable. Anyone who looks at your resume would be able to identify your potential thereby making you a viable candidate for the job or the college.

Yes, we get a lot of orders from university students, high school students and research candidates who want to apply for internships, part-time jobs, or workshops.

The resume usually ends with your content information and a link to your social profiles and LinkedIn account. 

The academic credentials required are a bachelor’s degree or diploma degree in nursing, a professional development certification. Other than that, you need to have experience working in a medical facility. The soft skills required are patient care expertise, people management, problem solving skills, communication skills etc.

For teaching, you need a degree in education, a professional certification and teaching experience. The other skills vary depending on the class/level you want to teach.

No. There are different types of resumes depending on the job or the sector you want to apply for. Every job sector has their specific requirement, and the resume has separate sections covering it.

All you have to do is fill out the Order Placement Form and submit your assignment or CV requirements. If you want us to write LORs, draft your SOPs or other things, include it in the form. We then decide a price quote depending on the length and urgency of the order. Pay us an advance if you agree and we can take it from there.

We usually don’t encourage order cancellations or refunds because it is aa loss of our time and resources. However, we do have a dispute resolution team that overlooks these cases and if we are at fault your entire amount will be refunded via PayPal.

Yes, you can request for changes and edits in the resume and we will accommodate them for free provided they follow the original order requirement.

As per the mid-review policy, you can pay upfront for half the CV. You can pay the remaining amount once you are satisfied with the first draft. We would incorporate all your changes for free.

STAR is acronym for- Situation, track activity, result. We follow this method to ensure that your CV is orderly and chronological

The current CV format is more about keeping the resume short and to the point. CVs are more visual, containing infographics and charts. We include the same in your resume to improve your job prospects. 

Of course, we have a couple of CV samples and templates designed to suit different industries and academic applications. You can download them for free.

We have a team of professionals and industry experts on board coming from all sectors. We have IT professionals, financial analysts, management gurus, lawyers etc. We run your resume on Grammarly and plagiarism checker to ensure 100% quality.

Bag Your Dream Job With The Perfect CV!

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