Project Management-The Undersea Fixed Link Project

Project Management-The Undersea Fixed Link Project

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Project Management Assignment Question

Your task is to analyse an actual project. You can choose one of two options for your assignment task:
Option 1. Propose a new project. This could be a potential new project that you or your organisation have in mind.
Option 2. Appraise an existing or past project. This could be any one of these:
– appraisal of an activity you believe would be improved by managing as a project; or
– appraisal of an existing work project you are currently involved with; or
– appraisal of an activity you were involved with in the past that you believe could have been (better) managed as a project.
Write a report about your project. Your report should include:
 A brief description of the organisational setting and the project environment to ensure the reader understands the context in which the project is set.
 An outline of the objectives of the project and the importance of the project to the organisation.
 A detailed overview and analysis of the use of relevant project management concepts, tools and techniques demonstrating knowledge and understanding of project management as covered in the subject. This section should comprise the main part of your assignment.
The analysis should cover the following as a minimum:
 How the project should be defined
 How project times and costs are estimated
 A discussion of the project plan
 The management of project risk
 Resource scheduling
 Project team issues
 Project performance management

All of the concepts in the list above should be addressed, but some of them may be more important for your particular project than others. Feel free to focus your analysis more heavily on the issues that particularly impact your project.

Project Management Assignment Solution

Busan-Geoje undersea link masterpiece is one of the world's biggest engineering mega projects, connecting the metropolis of Busan and Geoje Island. This undersea link has resulted in the reduction of travel distance from 140km to 60 km which further results in the reduction of environmental impact by traffic. I t is Korea's record breaking 8.2 km bridge and tunnel link. The tunnel bridge is consists of an immersed tube tunnel system at the depth of 48 m. It took six years for the proper functioning of the link. The GK Corporation and the South Korean government were behind the funding of this project.

2. Introduction and problem statement

The Busan-Geoje undersea link provides a roadway link between the metropolis of Busan and the beautiful Island Geoje. This project is one of the most challenging projects because of the following reasons: (1) This project lies in the China Sea which waves height varies from 9m to 23m, this can be fatal to the project (2) The thickness of the clay is 20 m with very high plasticity and a structured force of about 14.6 kN/m3 (3) The sea link is divided into 18 elements of 180 m length, consists of 8 segments each, which is a challenge in itself because it requires proper care and support. Variation in trench excavation, the variation in consolidation rate, and bad soil conditions for constructing cemented structure creates many bottlenecks for this project. The undersea tunnel at Busan-Geoje is special in many ways; it embroiders the fixed link between Denmark and Sweden, but goes far in comparison with today common practice and set up a beautiful example of concrete immersed tunnel technology. Many undersea projects lack immersed tunnel projects. But, nowadays there are some undersea tunnels where you can find immersion of tunnel elements. Busan-Geoje is on such fixed link projects which have such traits still a proper execution of this technology for is vital for smooth functioning and safety features. The aim of this white paper is an appraisal of the existing technology in the form of newly developed tunnel elements, and to study the dynamic behavior of a tunnel element during the immersion process. Basically for the up-gradation of the existing technology and to make immersion process a success, following problems were aroused. (1) To measure the response of the system by conducting a various test for variable wave motion and wind movements. (2) How to safeguard the whole structure using the new technology of immersion elements (Cho, 2009).

'Through this project, we have learned many things to present to the engineering world'- Im-Sig Koo, managing director, Daewoo

3. Project Plan and Project Risk

Planning includes basic design, detailed design of tunnels, detailed designed for mechanical and electrical works, construction engineering, follow-up during construction.

Tunnel design:   Proper planning is the result of proper preparation and study of each and every aspect of undersea link construction. Fraser (2009) states `Tunnel elements, joints, foundations are structurally designed with a cover structure of west as well as the east approach cut, ventilation building, and all related mechanical structure. The design of the immersed element is in such a way that it can handle two-lane traffic and can handle crawler lane wherever appropriate. Soil improvement technology is also used because of the soft soil of the tunnel. Risk analysis of the ship impact is also a part of the plan.

Tunnel Construction: 5 elements in each batch were used to construct tunnel elements in the casting basin. Elements are cast in the segment of 22.5 m. Casting elements were flooded and towed to a mooring area of temporary storage. The movement of tunnel elements, which is 36 km below sheltered condition, happens only with the immersion of tunnel elements. The tunnel elements were either leveled on a gravel bed or grounded underneath. The optimum use of methods and other procedures were applied to make this project viable during construction.

The 29 mega structure spans for the approach bridges are up to 90 m long, weigh up to 2,427 tons and consist of 3.6 m deep longitudinal steel-plate girders. The three cables used in the process form a lot and have a total length of 676 m, a side span of 108m and twin main spans of 230 m (Cozijn, 2008).

Immersed tunnel:  Basically an immersed tunnel consists of prefabricated elements that are transported floating to the site. These tunnel elements are generally installed in a trench.

Tunnel elements:  these are constructed in a casting basin or in a dry lock. The fabrication of the elements can be done next to the immersion location and far from it.

Ancillary work and immersion equipment: Some ancillary works are the pre-requisite before the immersion process. Like in order to float up or immerse a tunnel element, a water ballasting system is fitted with the tunnel element.

Immersion of tunnel elements: Immersion is basically consists of the following activities, towing the element to the location where it will be immersed, anchoring the element for precise maneuvering, ballasting the element and then connecting it with the previous one.

Gina and omega basket: Gina and omega basket is used for transferring the large compression forces. They also act as the initial seal.

The trench foundation of the element and complementary works: The empty space between the trench bottom and the bottom of the tunnel element used to be prepared gravel bed or it can be sand bedding. Protecting mattress and armour rock are also placed when the element rests on the permanent foundation.

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