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Project Plan and Case Study Task on IT Management

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Information Technology Management Assignment Question

  1. Form Pairs or trios for peer support in writing your (individual) project plans
  2. Share your team name and project topics with your tutor
  3. Start developing your project plan

Information Technology Management Assignment Solution

Purpose of the Project:

To develop a cloud-based software tool for social network analysis incorporating advanced elements of data analysis, visualization, and data import/export from other social network tools.

Objectives of the Project:

Why?   To enable the client to access top quality cloud computing and data analytics on clients using social media and social networking tools, to enable the client to conduct business more efficiently.

What?   The major works that will have to be undertaken are software development, addition, and development of a strong database support network, writing of code for the software, as well as the addition of electronic elements and control points for the running of the software on a reliable operating system. This will include a wide range of functionalities, such as building up the back-end database, advanced business data analytics and statistical tools, graphic user interface implementation and visualisation, as well as establishing the communication channels required for import and export of data from other online social network tools (Erl, Puttini, & Mahmood, 2013)

Who ?

The team will be organized in order to integrate the functional specializations of all its members. The team will be led and coordinated by a lead project manager with experience of working in similar such projects and experience in all aspects of software development and software technology. Under the project manager will be a number of functional team leaders with some experience and who will be able to supervise and coordinate the activities of the individual team members over several working shifts and report the progress to the project manager. The individual team members will be comprised of relatively less experienced professionals having complete mastery over their functional specializations, thus there will be code writers, software developers, networks engineers, electronics experts, statistical analysts and data analysts, and database implementation experts (Kloppenborg, 2011).

When ?

Milestone 1: Project initialization and team briefing

Milestone 2: Project planning

Milestone 3: Preliminary writing of code and database implementation

Milestone 4: Bug checking and revisions

Milestone 5: First trial run for client feedback

Milestone 6: Client feedback implemented and second trial run for client and Project manager

Milestone 7: Final repairs and revisions

Milestone 8: Final quality control checks.

Milestone 9: Final delivery to the client.

Management elements:

Scope management:  This will be conducted through daily checks on the workflow to ensure that there is no 'scope creep' and only that work is done that is strictly asked for in the original client's orders. This will ensure much less wastage of time and money.

Quality Management: Total Quality Control measures will be implemented so that it is ensured that the quality is maintained at all steps and in each process of the project and not just in the final steps before delivery. This will ensure there are no systemic flaws in the final product. Within the Quality Management, the process will be linked to Quality Improvement, so that any rectifications are carried out and implemented immediately (Schwalbe, 2009).

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