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Psychology Assignment Question

Q1. How would you lead this team of international employees  and friends? 

Q2. Is building a community important in a virtual world? If so,  what could you do to promote a sense of community among  these members?

Psychology Assignment Solution

Q1. How would you lead this team of international employees and friends? 

In virtual leadership, communication through technology is the best tool to be used by the leader (Hoch & Kozlowski, 2014). However, along with communication, virtual leaders should provide clear direction to the team, set individual objectives that team members can understand. Further, virtual leaders should evaluate group dynamics and should make modifications as per the findings gained through listening, observation, and assessment (Hoch & Kozlowski, 2014). For effective communication, the leader should utilize the technology available to instruct the team properly (Hoch & Kozlowski, 2014). Hence, virtual leadership can be expressed by technology. The leader should choose such a tool that would align with their hard work to develop team-relationships, enhance performance, as well as communicate imperative project-related information (Hoch & Kozlowski, 2014).

Q2. Is building a community important in a virtual world? If so, what could you do to promote a sense of community among these members?

It is essential to build a sense of community across the virtual team, which is cross-cultural. Building a sense of community and inclusion ensures that all the team members feel the sense of belongingness and trust among the team as well as in the leader (Leimeister & Balaji, 2015). This trust can be fostered within the team through effective communication. Hence, the sense of community can be promoted among members by using various techniques that will enable them to share their thoughts and opinion (Leimeister & Balaji, 2015). This can be done by use of social media networking or developing virtual online platform such as a forum for discussion on various topics that are of common interests (Leimeister & Balaji, 2015).

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