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PTE Essay Writing

Writing an essay is an art in itself; not everyone is gifted enough to ace it perfectly. PTE Essay Writing can be a problem even for native English speakers as well. Most students keep wondering about the “Right Recipe” for writing that perfect Essay; unfortunately, it’s just a myth.

To begin with, its crucial that you follow the pte essay writing template. The template is designed in a manner that makes the evaluators work easier and brings out the student’s strong points simultaneously. It highlights your abilities to organize your ideas clearly in a logical and grammatically correct manner. This is when all the hard work of learning new words come into play too. You can make use of some complex words to enhance the beauty of your writing essay pte.

PTE essay writing tips
Score better in your PTE Essay Writing

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Here are some PTE essay writing tips:

1.Keep it simple and easy flowing-

Long sentences with too many punctuations are going to mess up the flow of your pte writing essay sample. The more you try to elongate a sentence, the more are the chances of your making a mistake. Understand that Pearson Test Assessors aren’t looking for long complex sentences; they are looking for clear and logical sentences.

2.Take the time to plan your sentences-

There is a strict time limitation when it comes to pte essay writing, and that is why it’s best to plan it strategically to make the best out of it. Most students run out of time because they change their minds midway of their pte writing essay and have to start over again. One should not just do things as they take their flow either. This way you might miss out on mentioning important aspects of your pte essay writing. Have a plan and then start to avoid restarting and missing out on crucial points.

3. Use the right format-

Most pte writing essay templates that you will find online will give you a brief idea about the formats. It is not just about the 5 paragraphs; an introduction, 3 arguments and a conclusion, it’s much more than that. Additionally, squeezing all that content to 300 words and a time limitation of 20 minutes is another deal. You can choose to ignore that format and stick to any other format that allows you to support enough arguments to stick to your opinion. Get your points across and keep the essay easy flowing.

4. Brush up on your academic vocabulary-

It’s important to brush up your skills with practice if you want to ace your Pte essay writing scores. Read a lot to work up your vocabulary. Reading will expand your knowledge, your horizon and also give you a better understanding of the context. You don’t want to end up using a fancy word in your pte writing essay template.

Understand that the Pearson Test Assessors do not expect you to be a literary genius, they want to check your ability to organize your ideas logically and clearly.

How to score better in your PTE Essay Writing and the marking system?

1. Planning and strategizing

Well before time will help you do better in your Pte essay writing Familiarizing yourself with similar topics and practising them within time limitations will be of great help. Here are some Pte writing essay topics that have been consistent over the years:

  • Shopping
  • Social
  • Sports
  • Inventions
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Media
  • Science and technology
  • Law and Policies

You can look online for question banks and look for pte writing essay template pdf. This will make you accustomed to the kind of pte writing essay topics that students have attempted over the years. You will also find pte essay writing templates and answers that will help you tackle this task easily.Also please avoid the common essay writing mistakes

2.  Structure

A good essay is always concise and easy to follow. This is why PTE encourages a systematic structural approach in its tests. You are supposed to have a brief introduction that is like the trailer to a great movie. It’s supposed to have your opinion and then is followed by your arguments supporting your opinion. The paragraphs should follow a natural flow of development and should be coherent. Make sure to add new elements in between your structure.

3. Choice of words and sentence structure

You understand the topic, you have an opinion and now you are ready to attack. How you deliver your idea is how you get marked. The choice of words is what decides how well you have communicated your ideas to the assessors. These words should be clear, precise and be able to pass your ideas without confusion. You are trying to demonstrate your talent of using the right words at the right places and how well you arrange them in short sentences.

4. Content

It’s all about the content that you put across after all! The content should not be biased and should address all the aspects of the given topic. It should also support your idea with the right kind of examples. You want to be logical and also be creative while writing your content. How to maintain that balance is a big task in itself. Start by analyzing the task and then take the time to plan your points and only then write your content.

pte essay writing

5. Spelling

Avoid spelling errors at all costs.

6.  Grammar

This becomes easier when you use smaller sentences and pay attention to punctuation.You can also use our grammar resource page to help you out with this.

7. Formal

2 points for just sticking to the 200-300-word limit. This can be easily done if you have planned your points in advance.

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