Question answers pertaining to culture for ICT profesionals

Question answers pertaining to culture for ICT profesionals

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Information Technology Assignment Question

Question 1

Describe and discuss what cultural issues may impact on you as an ICT professional if your organisation merges with another. Try to think deeply about some of the possible impacts on you and your career path that could result from an organisation merger or restructure. Discuss some of the cultural issues within an organisation that may impact on you as an ict professional.

Write 100-200 words in answer to this. 

Question 2

From your readings this week, especially in Part 3 of this week’s seminar, which framework are you going to use to analyse the scenarios in Assignment 1? Choose either MacDonald or White. Provide reasons to support why have you chosen this one.

Write 100-200 words to explain your choice. There is no need for discussion with your classmates of this question.

Question 3

You are faced with a situation you feel may be unethical. How would you set about analysing the situation? Think carefully about the ethical analysis process, not the potential ethical dilemma. That is to say, try not to get caught up in developing and describing a scenario that is unethical. Rather, your focus is on the procedural aspect of dealing with a situation you feel may be unethical.

What questions do you need to ask yourself to determine whether this is an unethical situation? What facts or data do you need to consider and why? What, or who – might help you in your analysis? Use the Ethical Framework provided by White’s 3-step method to frame your responses to Question 3.

Write 150-250 words, to answer this question. 

If you wish, choose a specific example of an unethical situation; either fictional, or that you have actually experienced. Discuss with your classmates the different approaches you each have taken and try to explain why there are differences, but once again, try not to get caught up in describing every detail of the situation but instead get to the heart of what makes it unethical, unprofessional or possibly risky in the context of the professional workplace.

Question 4

Where you are working in your internship, locate your company’s Values statement or Code of Ethics, and ask your supervisor if you can either link to it from the company website in the discussion forum or reproduce it in the forum. If your supervisor refuses permission, or there is no Values statement or Code of Ethics, prepare one for their use based on the reading you have done. You might model it on one you have come across. If you need, look at the Western Australia Public Sector Code of Ethics as a guide.

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Information Technology Assignment Solution on answers pertaining to culture for ICT profesionals

Ans 1:

Every organization has its own culture and every employee is a follower of that particular culture, knowingly or unknowingly. Post mergers and acquisition, the work culture of the previous company is changes. Some of the cultural issues that might impact an ICT professional post mergers or acquisition:

  • Anonymity: The very fear of unknown of the new culture makes an employee less confident.
  • Rapid change: Post mergers the new administration tries to rapidly adopt its new employees to their new culture, which is uncomfortable for the employee.
  • Changes: Changes such as change in work hours, power distance and factors of incentivizing and so on becomes too hard for employees to cope up with.

Mergers and acquisition often result in fear for ICT professional regarding the future prospects of their career. Post mergers, the objectives and vision of the original organization changes. This also results in change of the importance of the task being done by the employee of the acquired company. Mergers also often results in the change in roles, transfers, change in teams, change in management (boss), demotion or worst sacking of an employee. The sheer fear of the unknown itself scares the professional and hampers both his/her performance and growth.

Ans 2:

In case of a cultural change after a merger, often ICT professionals find themselves find in dilemma while fitting with the new culture. In this scenario McDonald's framework for ethical decision making should be more useful. McDonald's framework states:

  • Collection of information and identification of the issue
  • Finding feasible alternatives
  • Finding correctness of each alternatives by suitable ethical standards
  • Proposing and then testing the possible resolutions
  • Making the final choice

I chose McDonald's framework for Ethical Decision Making in this scenario because of the following reasons:

  • It provides a very detailed step by step solution to deal with situations of ethical dilemma.
  • It focuses on the main issue with the person. In this case it is the ethical dilemma in adjusting to the changed culture.
  • It emphasizing in focussing on all the possible alternatives and checks their ethicalness and morality
  • It also emphasizes on dealing with the situation rather than just opposing and resisting it. This is a must for being successful as culture and scenarios change in organization continually.
  • It also emphasizes on testing each solution either by application or by using other's experience.

Thus it is quite evident from the above mentioned reasons that McDonald's framework is extremely useful and applicable in the scenario stated.

Ans 3:

In our professional as well as personal lives, we often come in a position where we have to face an ethical dilemma. We need to be very cautious in dealing such situations. We can follow a three step approach to deal with such situations.

  1. Analysing the consequences: After a basic assumption that we are deciding to take one particular decision. Now we need to think that
  • Who will be helped by this decision and how much.
  • Whether this decision will harm anyone.
  • What the degree of harm is in compared to the degree of help or benefit. After all some benefits (saving somebody's life) are much more important than others (like a new bike).

Finally we need to take a call whether the harm outweighs the benefits or vice versa.

  1. Analysing the actions: Now let's just focus on the action rather than the end result. Is the action that we are thinking of taking is disrespecting any of the basic ethical standards such as equality, honesty, respecting human rights, not harming weaker people or so. If it is harming any such principle, is there an alternative path to follow.
  • Decision Making: Now we need to analyse both the above conditions and take a judicious call. Our focus should be to ensure that neither the consequences nor the actions should be against the ethical standards.

Thus by following these three steps approach we can be able to take a moral and ethical decision and ensured that our ethical dilemma is cleared…..

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