Question based analysis on digital forensics -

Question based analysis on digital forensics

Sample Assignments

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Information Technology Assignment Question

Task 1: Case Project (5 Marks)

A bank has hired you to investigate employee fraud. The bank uses four 20TB servers on a LAN. You are permitted to talk to the network administrator, who is familiar with where the data is stored. What strategies should you use? Which acquisition method should you use? 

Following aspects are the minimum requirements in this project: 

  • What tools listed in the text book are available? 
  • How do you plan to acquire the data? Why will you choose a certain acquisition method? 
  • What diplomatic strategies should you use with the network administrator? 
  • What privacy issues might be a concern with bank records (bank account numbers, customer names, etc.)? 
  • How do you plan to validate the data after acquiring it?

Task 2: Research Project (5 Marks)

To continue your learning in digital forensics, you should research new tools and methods often.  For this project, search for the user manuals for VirtualBox and ProDiscover.  Write a guide on how to load a VHD file converted from a ProDiscover.eve image file into VirtualBox. 

(Nelson, Phillips, & Steuart 2015)

Task 3: Forensics Report (20 Marks)

In this major task you are assumed as a Digital Forensics Examiner. Considering a real or a hypothetical case you are required to produce a formal report consisting of facts from your findings to your attorney who has retained you. You are free to choose a forensics scenario which can be examination of a storage media (HDD, USB Drive etc), spoofed email, unscrambling bits, revealing information from an image or any other appropriate scenario you can think of.

Information Technology Assignment Answer

Question No. 1

Task 1: Case Project (5 Marks)

As the bank uses 20 TB server, the primary objective of our investigation is to look for suspicious logs, any unusual accounts and other hidden files, updated and undated  system patches, unusual processes running, unusual files and any opened sockets and review the Autostart areas of the registry files.

  1. Answer: We will begin our investigation with the network administrator who is the primary owner of the process and data server. It involves reconstructing fragments of files that have been deleted from a suspect drive. 

Following procedures to gather investigation, evidence shall be considered for collecting evidence.

  • Inquiry- pertaining to the network process, access to servers and privilege access
  • Observation- and factual findings based on log reviews
  • Inspection- for malicious activities, suspicious server logons and IP addressed
  • Confirmation in written. Adequate documentation of the interview to be duly signed. 

Investigation evidence gathered by will be appropriately marked, documented, classified, organized and secured to support the findings and conclusions. The network administrator shall acknowledge audit evidence in the ‘Evidence; Chain of Custody Form’ by signing his name. This evidence collected should be retained for a period of 3 months within which time the audit report should be sent to network administrator who would acknowledge the Non-conformances, findings and observations assessed during the Internal Information Security Audit.

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