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Ramya Srinivasan Report

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Finance Assignment Question

  1. Identifies and demonstrates a highly  sophisticated understanding of the main governance & risk issues/problems in the organizational audit.
  2. Presents an insightful and  comprehensive analysis of all  identified governance &  risk  issues/problems; successfully  completes all necessary calculations.
  3. Supports diagnosis and opinions  with exemplary arguments and  well-documented evidence;  presents a balanced and critical  view; interpretation is very well argued, cogent and objective.
  4. Makes insightful and powerful connections between identified issues/ problems and the strategic concepts in the unit readings and notes; supplements organisational  audit with highly relevant and thoughtful research and documents all sources of information.
  5. Demonstrates clarity, conciseness  and correctness; exhibits sophisticated writing skills;  formatting is appropriate and writing  is free of grammar and spelling  errors; Uses specified referencing  style

Finance Assignment Solution


Intel (Stock Symbol: INTC) is a technological multi-national that has its headquarters in California, United States. Every listed company is required to furnish a report of its corporate governance based on a full-fledged audit. This is to provide better transparency and help its stakeholders understand its processes and to understand if there are any deviations. Since this audit is not fully exhaustive, the disclosures, risk, policies, and deviations have been made based on the depth of the audit conducted.

Illustrations have been made wherever applicable, to demonstrate findings and suggestions of the audit. The sources for the audit are secondary sources which are available on Intel’s website. Being a front runner and a huge company, Intel has matured in most of its processes and corporate governance activities. The key issue that this report focusses on is Intel’s Corporate Social Responsibility – not just in the country where it is headquartered, but in all regions where Intel has spread its presence.

Objective and Scope of the audit

Corporate governance is a concept that has gained greater impetus due to various corporate failures spanning across industries and also due to greater foreign investors requiring better clarity. Corporate governance is considered crucial by both big and medium-sized companies. (Okpala, 2012) The objective of the audit is to provide insights to the Board of Intel for better financial reporting, exercising internal controls and for its overall governance.

  1. To assess the current board of Intel and their processes.
  2. To discuss the values of Intel and how effectively the company can ensure adhering to these values.
  3. To analyse the risks that the company is exposed to and to suggest mitigation plans. This also includes risks that stem from being a multi-national and operating in different countries and with different regulations.
  4. To audit corporate behaviour, especially in terms of finances and see how they are linked to their value framework.
  5. To analyse their Corporate Social Responsibility activities and societal contributions as a company.
  6. To come up with a gap analysis between their commitments and relevant actions.

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