Reflection on a Health Promotion Plan for Alleviating Mental Health Problems -

Reflection on a Health Promotion Plan for Alleviating Mental Health Problems

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Put a Reflection on a Health Promotion Plan for Alleviating Mental Health Problems across Children and Adolescents

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The present article portrays a reflection on a Health Promotion Plan for alleviating mental health problems across children and adolescents. According to the WHO, the incidence of the prevalence of mental disorders is high across adolescents (Farmer et al., 2006, Garrett, 2007). Adolescence is a transition stage of life that is featured with emotional, academic and psychological changes. Adolescents suffer from depression due to parental conflicts, impaired parent-child relations, peer pressure and social stigma (Mashman, 1997). Studies indicate that the prevalence of depression is quite high across Australian adolescents.  Depression is a psychological disorder that is featured by low mood and intention of self-harm. Almost 11% of Australian adolescents belonging to the age group of 16-24 years exhibit intention of self-harm. Hence, our community health group wanted to reduce the prevalence of mental health disorder across Australian adolescents. We took various initiatives and implemented appropriate teamwork for addressing the situation. The reflection would be narrated as per “Driscoll’s Model of Reflection”. 

The “What” Phase

One of the key goals of public health is to reduce the prevalence of depression and mental health disorders across an at-risk population (Cuter, & Miller, 2005). On the other hand, social determinants of health are widely acknowledged under the domain of public health. Social determinants of health include nutritional, familial, financial, social, academic and housing needs of an individual. Social determinants of health could influence the psychological, emotional, social and mental health across an individual. One of the key goals of public health practice is to develop and extend evidence-based practice. Evidence-based practise should be implemented for ensuring safe and quality care across at-risk individuals. Different evidence has indicated that social determinants of health could significantly increase the risk of mental health disorders across adolescents and children (Marshall & Werb, 2010)

We are a group of team members who are pursuing our academic curriculum in public health. As a part of that curriculum, we had to undertake a group project based on a burning health issue. We brainstormed different topics and decided to prevent the risk of depression or other mental health disorders across school-going children of Australia. The main objective of this team-based project was to screen for new cases of depression across the prospective population. Moreover, we planned to implement certain non-invasive measures to those individuals who did not receive treatment for their mental health issues. We decided to involve various stakeholders for screening and managing mental health disorders across concerned stakeholders. We introduced a mobile app for creating awareness and screening on depression and allied mental disorder. The screening tool was based upon the DSM-guidelines for depression and anxiety disorders (Sloman Gilbert & Hasey, 2003).

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