Relationship between HR managers and line managers -

Relationship between HR managers and line managers

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Effective HR planning is critical to organisational success. Discuss the relationship between HR managers and line managers in achieving the objectives of HR planning.

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Human resource department (HRD) is the key department of every organization with varied responsibilities like training and development, remuneration, recruitment, and selection. Human resource planning (HRP) is a key function of HRD above all the responsibilities mentioned above. 

The aim of this essay is to analyze the impact of effective HR planning on the organization and how a relationship between an HR manager and line manager acts as a success tool to plan effectively. 

The essay outlines the definition of HR planning and strategic human resource management. The link between them in helping the organization to be strategic and competitive in the global market when facing HRM issues such as high turnover and tight labor market, skills shortages, an aging population, diversity etc. The essay will also formulate the roles of the HR manager and line managers in HR planning, emphasize on the role of the Resource-Based View (RBV) model of the Firm. The essay will be concluded by summarising the arguments made. 

Effective Strategic HRM (SHRM) and HR Planning

The SHRM (Strategic Human Resource Management) was illustrated by Signicast Corporation. Using this strategic management concept, Terry Lutz worked effectively with his HR team to implement and design strategies for his organization. They used this concept to develop new strategies for the employees to run a new automated plant. They were in need of new employees for this plant with motivation skills and knowledge. Therefore, using strategic human resource planning process they introduced new guidelines to help the works with updated knowledge and skills and acquired knowledge of how to train, hire, and test such workers. This indicates that there is a huge link between strategic human resource management and human resource planning to succeed and manage human resource issues (Dessler, 2011)………………… 

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