Renovation of a Shopping Centre in Springwood -

Renovation of a Shopping Centre in Springwood

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Project Management Assignment Question

 You have been appointed as the Project Team for a work project. Senior management has requested the team to produce a project scoping plan (or Charter) describing how you intend to undertake the project. You are required to clearly define and scope the project. You are required to put in a reference list at the end of your document appropriate to the size of this document. The Charter should be approximately 3-4 pages.  The reference list may be in the PowerPoint presentation but is not essential.  Elements that should be included in a scoping presentation include but are not limited to: 

1. Client Organisation
2. Problem/Opportunity
3. Business Benefits
4. Milestone

Project Management Assignment Solution

1. Client Organisation

Founded in 1960, Westfield Group was involved in the development and operations of shopping centres in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe (ScentreGroup, 2014). In June 2014, Westfield Group was restructured with the merger of Westfield Retail Trust to form Scentre Group to manage the Australian and NewZealand portfolio and Westfield Corporation to manage its foreign operations (Westfield Group, 2014). As of 2016, Scentre Group manages 40 centres comprising a retail space of 3.6 million square metres.  In line with Westfield Group heritage, Scentre has planned for the redevelopment of its shopping centres worth $4.9billion inthe the pipeline. This report focuses on the renovation project of a shopping centre in the Springwood-Logan Area, one of the prime locations connected by arterial roads and transport facilities linking Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

2. Problem/ Opportunity

According to industry experts, investments in shopping centre renovations and redevelopments are made as a part of long-term strategic positioning (Sadauskas, 2015). Redevelopment decisions are made by the demand for retailing in the locality and to ensure an appealing retail experience for shoppers. According to Scentre Group, the targeted trade area population around Brisbane CBD suburbs is estimated to be 2,367,000 residents with an expected population growth rate ranging from 1% to 2.4% (Scentre Group, 2014)…………………

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