Report Interpersonal Communication Assessment 4 -

Report Interpersonal Communication Assessment 4

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Psychology Assignment Question


Listen carefully to the interview and consider the communication issues discussed. Read whatever background material you have gathered about the organisation. Drawing on materials from Topics 8 to 12 identify and evaluate the interpersonal communication issues in your participant’s organisation from the employee’s point of view. Relate these issues to theory and use academic research to support your findings. Present your findings in your report.

In this report:

  • include a section which describes the company and the interviewee. Use pseudonyms for the employee and the company. Do not use real names.
  • important! Ensure you describe and reflect upon your methods for conducting this research: how did you select your interviewee, how did you persuade them to participate, what kind of interview techniques did you apply? Refer to relevant theories on persuasion, presentations, interview techniques, possibly intercultural communication, and so on.
  • describe your findings, and analyse them using pertinent theories (from not just Module One but certainly from Module Three). Reference the theories appropriately.
  • include recommendations for your participant’s organisation. In your recommendations, make sure that you offer viable solutions. If there are no problems at all, then analyse which factors ensure that communication is so successful in this company.
  • include the informed consent form as an appendix.

Throughout your report, do not refer to your participant or their organisation by their real names. Use pseudonyms at all times, to protect the identity of your participant.

You must have at least eight academic (peer reviewed) references in your report. No Wikipedia or World Wide Web (Googled) references will be counted as academic.

Psychology Assignment Solution


Communication is extremely important for any organisation. What is seen as a simple aspect of work has the biggest impact on everyday activities. Some of the major issues that arise in inter-organisational communication are language barriers, misinterpretation, conflicts, and communication gap. This report is aimed at understanding communication issues that an employee may face in his or daily activities. For this, the interviewee selected was Ms. N (Name changed) who has been working in a chain of convenience stores for over 3 months. This chain of convenience stores has been established in multiple countries now and is one of the prominent players in the market.


The interview was conducted to understand what issues Ms. N faced in an organisation and how they were resolved. This interview was conducted in person. 

Ms. N was chosen for the interview since she has been working in a chain store and as part of the job, she interacts with customers, suppliers and co-workers from different locations and speak different languages. She hence was the perfect candidate to discuss communication issues, blocks and challenges. The candidate for the interview (Ms.N) was approached a few times by me to understand the communication-related aspects of her job. Being fairly new to her current role and company, she had lots of observations and insights to share and hence agreed to do the interview. 

The scope of the interview included communication-related aspects and issues of her job that aren’t confidential. 


The major finding of the interview was that in an organisation with employees from different regions, there are typically a lot of communication issues and communication gaps. But with co-operation from the workforce, the gap can be bridged. The discussion points are summarised below:

  1. Ms. N found the differences in accent to be the most difficult during her first few weeks at her job. There was a mix of people from different regions (South India, Bangladesh and Australia), and she found it to be a communication barrier. But over the course of her job, she gained greater exposure and experience.
  2. Due to the nature of her job, Ms. N found the work much to her liking and felt comfortable and at ease at work. From her body language, it was also quite evident that she was performing well.
  3. Every organisation, firm or even a small business has conflicts due to improper communication between its employees. Ms. N too had to face issues when her colleagues had concerns about her job, and there was negative communication that took place. Upon escalating the issue to her supervisor, the issue was amicably resolved.
  4. The nature of her job does not involve making presentations, but regular staff meetings are part of the job. She communicated that the meetings are typically used by her superiors to reprimand the employees for any mistakes they might have done. This made her to initially not be comfortable about such meetings, but then she got used to it.
  5. There was no instance of a robbery so far in her store, and she wasn’t sure how she would be handling such a situation. But she felt that in case of such a scenario, she would give whatever the person demanded in order to ensure the safety of her customers.
  6. When comparing group and individual meetings, she said that she preferred group meetings since it gave her a chance to understand the concerns, ideas, initiatives and issues of other employees as well. These meetings turned out to be a good platform for the exchange of ideas, and this made her participate in group meetings with more enthusiasm.

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