Requirements and marking criteria -

Requirements and marking criteria

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Marketing Assignment Question

1. Identify and discuss the critical points within the service delivery process that are likely to have a significant bearing on the customer’s experience and clarify why these points in the process are particularly important and how you would manage them.
2. What should be the nature of the service process at each step? 
3. What should be the serving protocol – reservations system, first-come, first served, or a priority system for certain types of customers? 
4. Given that services are perishable, what capacity management issues do you foresee and how do you plan to address these issues. 
5. Discuss how your employees can affect the quality received by your customers. Furthermore, how will you gauge and manage the satisfaction of your employees.

Marketing Assignment Solution

The analysis has been attempted to understand the functioning of the service industry. For the analysis a service-based business of “Quick Cab” has been chosen, which is a start-up business in the domain of providing quick and economical cab services. It has been analyzed to understand the several requirements and principles to manage a service-based organization. The discussion started with an introduction that explained the objective of the organization. The operations strategy section explained the target customers and the various types of business services the company will be providing. The service blueprint explained only one of the types of services in a high-level functionality model. The service delivery system explained the role of technology, people, and infrastructure and demand management of the organization. The next section explained is the service employee management which explains some of the basic yet necessary employee engagement practices that the organization needs to follow. Quality management principles and models that the company needs to follow have also been explained in the following section. Finally, the conclusion section tried to conclude the whole discussion and the various aspects of the service industry discussed in the report. Thus, the report is an attempt to understand the functioning of a service-based organization with primary focus on its operations strategy, service blueprint, service delivery management, employee management and quality management principles.
Services are an integral component of the industry as well as the global business environment (Andronikidis, et al., 2009). Unlike a product-based industry, the service industry focuses on providing its customers with an experience that is an intangible component (Andronikidis, et al., 2009). The following report will focus on the design and implementation of setting up a service-based organization. The core concept of productivity and quality will be at the heart of the discussion. The industry chosen for the analysis is the transportation industry where the service would be around providing easy, cheap and quick taxi and bike services to the targeted customers. The business will follow a specific blueprint designed for the same and will also have a specific service delivery system. The report will also place emphasis on quality management and employee management principles and its application in the proposed business plan……………………

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