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Marketing Assignment Question

What are the impact of CRM on Etisalat’s Market Image?

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Marketing Assignment Solution

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background:

There have been a number of researches on market image and its impact on organisations. Further, research is conducted on the impact of CRM on the firm’s performance. Customer relationship management enables a company to manage and organise the customers properly. It thus helps in providing customise service (Wang & Feng 2012). The market image, on the other hand, helps in attaching customers emotionally with an organisation (Gürhan-Canli, Hayran & Sarial-Abi 2016). However, little bit research is conducted on the direct impact of CRM on brand image and consequently on firms performance. The current research is, therefore, unique in terms of its subject which tends to identify the impact of CRM on Etisalat’s market image. 

Etisalat has been able to obtain a customer base of 167 million within the 17 countries it operates in Asia and Africa. Being a multinational corporation, continually searching for new ways of customer acquisition and managing those customers has become important for Etisalat. Improving the brand image and thereby initiating word of mouth market is taken as a priority within the company. However, having a huge customer base, the company is facing to retain its brand image as the relationship with the subscribed customers is not managed properly. 

1.2 Rationale:

The main research issue here is maintaining the brand image of the firm. The company has focused on upgrading its network for the last few months.  It has led to service disruption within the company.  In the very first month of 2017, Etisalat’s subscribers were unable to use the telecommunication services for 90 minutes (Mary Achkhanian 2017) The same has happened in the month of August 2016 (Wasmi 2017). It has increased the number of complaints regarding customer service form consumers end. Consumers want to get services from operators who are excellent in their service. Network related problems and the aftermath management procedure is questioning the customer-relationship-management process of the company. 

It has become a research issue as if consumer complaints and after-sales service is not improved, and consumers might switch to other telecom operators. In this context, if the issue is not resolved, then it can decrease the overall profit of the company in the upcoming quarters. Technical problems might be there. However, the company executives need to ensure that consumers are properly handled through a dedicated customer relationship management system so that it does not affect the brand image of the company. Losing consumers favour can hurt the overall market image of the company, which may result in losing the competitive advantage in the telecommunication market of UAE.

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