Retaining customers at elegant eyebrows -

Retaining customers at elegant eyebrows

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Industry Research Question

Students are required to undertake a research project involving industry. After acquiring knowledge regarding how to conduct research, and possible problem spaces to research in, the student will be required to apply these skills in practice. The student should engage with an organisation to undertake this research project in.
Students are required to present a final written report based off their research project. This should follow the generic structure outlined in the study guide. 
The study guide corresponding to this unit, in combination with the lecture material and textbook have been designed to equip the student with everything that they need to undertake this work integrated learning research project.
Industry Research Solution
Customer retention is defined as the uninterrupted business relation between a company and its customers. Retention of existing customers is considered as one of the key drivers to increase market share and revenues. In order to retain their customers, companies are to be aware of how to service their customers. Customer service measures of a company influence customer retention to a major level. It is important for the service provider to stress the importance of the quality of their service. Academic researchers have observed that there is a relationship between service quality, trust, customer satisfaction and retention and the future use or preference towards the service from the specific provider. This research focuses on the customer retention issue faced by Elegant Eyebrows, a beauty salon based out of the Gold Coast in Queensland.
The beauty industry offers a wide range of services from sophisticated therapies to simple treatments. The beauty salon’s main competing factors are price, location and demographic markets. The type of service and the related products that they offer are significant contributors to profit. There is a growing trend among Australian consumers who no longer view beauty services from a wealth perspective rather than a healthy and look good option. With the growing higher income and busier lifestyle, consumers with limited free time are able to allocate less time to beauty therapies. The beauty salons are designing their services to suit such fast-paced customers with walk-in and no-appointment kiosks. There is an increasing expectation for customized treatments for the ultimate personal services. There is a growing influence of the Eastern/ Asian treatment techniques in the Australian market which is evident from the traditional services offered, products used and salon designs.
Elegant Eyebrows is a walk-in kiosk specializing in traditional eyebrow services. Founded in 2010, they operate four branches across Gold Coast, Queensland. This research focuses on the salon located in the Robina Town Centre. Their other services include eyelash extension, henna tattooing, eyebrow tinting and perming…………

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