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Information Technology Assignment Question

Question 1

Identity your project’s risks

Using the RMP template and after discussion with your supervisor, complete the left hand side of Part 2: Risk Register
(i.e. the first five columns, ending in “Risk Consequences”. You should list at least 8 possible risks.

Details of fields in the RMP Risk Register:

  • Risk Ref. No: This is just a sequential number, used as a key for associating with the Risk Treatment Plan.
  • Category: Select Commercial, Finance, Security, Safety, or Legal/Regulatory from the drop down list. You may
    have more than one risk in a category.
  • Risk Description: e.g. “Older scanners may not work under Windows 12”.
  • Risk Cause: e.g. “Drivers may not exist for Windows 12”.
  • Risk Consequences: e.g. “Invoices cannot be scanned in”.

Upload your updated template to the Forum by Wednesday night.

Question 2

Analyse your project’s risks
Analyse the risks in your project; you may discuss these with your supervisor. Using the RMP template again, complete
the right hand side of Part 2: Risk Register (i.e. Impact and Likelihood). Do not change the Rating column, it will be
calculated for you automatically by the spreadsheet.

Upload your updated template to the forum by Saturday midnight AEST.

Information Technology Assignment Answer

After a detailed analysis we find that in terms of gravity of the risk associated which is a multiple of impact factor and likelihood of occurrence,  lack of proper IT infrastructure i.e.,  serial number 5th is the most risky. Similarly we also found that the financial risk associated with the return of investment is the lowest. This is however an observation and perspective and depending upon the situation it may change. The company thus must devise a risk management system to deal with the various risks prioritizing them as per their rating…..

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