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Marketing Assignment Question

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to apply knowledge, theory, frameworks and tools from the early part of the unit to an analysis of the marketing practices of a real organisation. You will work in analyzing the strategies pursued by Google since its creation. You will evaluate the strategies and their effectiveness and relate those real-life experiences to relevant research and theory. The aim is to provide experience of marketing analysis and practice and to determine your ability to relate real marketing strategy to theory and research.
The Overall Task
It was mid 1998. The dot com bubble had started to burst, and with it the demise of some of the Web's earliest search tools and browser platforms. Yet despite such chaos, two Stanford University PhD students set about 'organising the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful' (Google Mission Statement). From those initial plans grew a multinational firm, now with 53,000 employees, and a market capitalisation of $USD360 billion.
A great documentary on Google can be found at:  Your task in this case analysis is to answer three questions by critically analysing Google's history, resources and market situation. Please do not just describe events, although you should read Google's history to understand the background to your analysis. You should use the principles and concepts that you have learned in marketing-related modules to answer the following two questions:
1. What marketing strategy or strategies has Google adopted since it was created? Answer this question by applying one or more of the theoretical marketing approaches and/or models discussed in the literature.
2. What strategic marketing options can you describe for Google if it wishes to remain a successful organisation throughout the next decade? Answer this question based on a SWOT analysis of the circumstances that exist in 2014/15 and your best forecasts of relevant future industry factors…..

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Marketing Assignment Solution for Marketing Strategy of Google

Google evolved as a search engine and soon became the global leader in search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is a kind of internet based marketing used for the campaigning of websites by enhancing their visibility during internet searches by users. The visibility of websites in search engine result pages is enhanced by optimization and is a very modern and extensively used format of advertising.  Search engine marketing became very useful post 1990’s because of the logarithmic increase in number of websites. These search engines help users to find the most relevant websites as per a user requirement. Today whenever we try to find out about anything in a search engine, we are shown a number of options usually in the counts of several thousands. It is the technology and efficiency of optimization which allows us to view the best available options first. This not only saves time but also the effectiveness of our learning. Today for just the high degree of convenience the search engine industry provides to its millions of users, it has managed to one of the fastest growing industry in the world.

1.GOOGLE: History & Company Brief

Google was founded by Larry Page & Sergey Brin in the year 1998 and was incorporated in the month of September of the same year. Headquartered in USA and offices in countries across the world, Google has become synonymous with internet searching. Never has one idea changed the world as much as Google did since the invention of electric bulb, thermal engine or printing press. Just as the invention of printing press made it possible to read books for readers around the world; similarly Google made it possible for everybody to know anything anywhere just with the click of a mouse button. Google commands 51% of market share in USA followed by Yahoo Search and Microsoft search (Refer Fig.1)(Siu, 2013). As far as the global market share is concerned Google is far ahead with 67% market share (Refer Fig. 2)(Southern, 2013). Started from a single smart algorithm, Google managed to develop a completely new business model and today manages the world leading search engine.  With the simple attractive logos on a white background, Google has today made it possible to access fast and relevant information for millions of users for millions of times per day. Google today also has developed some of the most used applications such as Google Earth, Google Video, Google Maps and Gmail…..

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