Save the Unique wildlife of Australia on Public Relations -

Save the Unique wildlife of Australia on Public Relations

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Public Relations Assignment Question


You are acting as a public relations practitioner for (fictitious) non-profit charity “Flying Fox Appreciation Agency'. From the details here  Write ONE key message. (What is the specific aspect of wildlife conservation that you want to promote in the context of this charity?) Who is your target audience/public? Why? Give at least two – three  references to illustrate your post (250 words only).




What is the difference between persuasion and coercion? Where would you draw the line at using questionable tactics in order to achieve your public relations objective/goal? Give an example of what you consider to be an ethical use of persuasion in PR. Give at least two- three references to illustrate your post (250 words only).

Public Relations Assignment Solution


As a part of this noble cause, I would strive towards saving the unique wildlife of Australia. This includes animals like the Koala bear, coastal birds, and the Tasmanian devil. (Save the Tasmanian Devil)

The main concern here is related to the 'Devil Facial Tumour' disease that the Tasmanian devils are facing. (Abigail Tucker , 2012) It is easily passed on from on animal to the other. The only way to save the devils from extinction is by creating a safe area for them so that they do not infect the other animals. Treatment can be carried out in these enclosed areas. The target audience here is the wildlife enthusiasts of the country. Over the years, people have loved to watch these little animals in their natural habitat. Wildlife enthusiasts understand and appreciate the diversity in the country and can relate to the cause. These animals have to hunt and eat. A natural process is turning into something even more unmanageable and many more animals are getting infected. Hence it is necessary to raise funds in order to create an environment where they can live in better conditions. This will indirectly save the other animals of the country from the infection too since Tasmanian devils are predators. In the past, there have been numerous attempts to send the Tasmanian devils off to other islands, but this did not help the situation much as it posed a threat to birds. (David Bowman, Áine Nicholson, 2015) Hence, there is a need for our agency to take up this initiative with the support of wildlife enthusiasts.



Persuasion and coercion are both means to get towards a goal. (Johanna Fawkes, 2007) But, the difference between the two is that Persuasion is a peaceful way of convincing a person to perform a certain task and it is up to the person being persuaded if he/she wants to react or not. Coercion, on the other hand, employs threat and instills fear. Coercion expresses a desire to cause harm to the person in order to get things done. (Alex Saez) A boss can persuade an employee to work extra hours in order to complete a project. But, a boss threatening the employee that he would fire him if the work is not done signifies coercion. (Libertymaniacs, 2015) 

Achieving public relations goal is only as important as achieving it in the right and moral manner. (Bill Sledzik, 2008)The moment a goal requires us to bend rules or hurts the sentiments of people in an unacceptable manner, it becomes a matter of concern. This is where we need to draw the line. An example of ethical usage of persuasion would be that of advertisements. A company can always tell its customers that a certain product that they consume on a daily basis, for example, sugar, may pose health problems. They can persuade customers to purchase and consume sugar-free products instead. This is ethical since it does not hurt any sentiments and it is done for the general welfare of people. The choice of switching or not switching is left to the customers. Persuasion is always a nice way of putting things across.

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