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Marketing Assignment Sample on Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Segmentation Targeting Positioning Sample Assignments

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Marketing Assignment Question

Assessment task- Report

Volunteer tourism represents  an emerging tourism sector for those who want to make a difference while on vacation  as well as ensuring that local communities benefit both environmentally and economically  (Coren &  Gray, 2012).  Organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, Antipodeans, Conservation International, Australian Volunteers, to name just a few, are offering volunteer tourism expeditions to Australians.  The literature review identifies four motivational themes of cultural immersion, seeking camaraderie, giving back, and bonding opportunities among the segments of volunteer tourists (McGehee & Clemmons, 2008).  Species saver, a volunteer recruiting tourism agency, would like to promote its conservation strategy to Australian volunteer tourists. In particular, it would like to recruit tourists to save threatened species such as reptiles, mammals and birds in the Truong Son (Annamite Mountain Range) in Central Vietnam.

You are required to conduct a literature review of about 500-800 words on the topic using keywords such as volunteer tourism, segmentation, targeting and positioning. You then have to develop segmentation; targeting and positioning (STP) plan targeting the Australian tourist market which Species saver could use to know to which Australian tourists to promote its conservation strategy.

This is a challenging assignment and it is recommended that students read various academic materials before writing this report. You will be expected to have consulted books, at least 10 relevant academic journal articles, conference proceedings, theses and dissertations to write the report (i.e. support your arguments with theories).

Marketing Assignment Solution on Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.

Executive summary

This assignment focuses on developing STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) marketing strategy for Species saver- a volunteer tourism agency. The company is willing to promote its conservation strategy to recruit Australian volunteer tourists to save endangered species in the Truong Son region, Central Vietnam. The literature on volunteer tourism is sparse and depicts both positive and negative impacts upon the welfare of the environment and society. We assumed it to have a positive impact and altruism as the motivation for volunteer tourism. Here, international volunteer tourism is considered as a perspective. The firm is a not-for-profit organization and has limited resources and growth prospects. The competition in the market is intense and rising day by day…

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Introduction and Background

Vietnam: a tourist destination

Vietnam is a beautiful country with beautiful scenery and amusing history. It is nowadays attracting more tourists than Thailand and in terms of volunteer tourism it differs from Thailand in a number of ways (Coren and Gray, 2012).

The biological assessment report of Truong Son identifies several conservation species including saola, tiger, crocodile etc. (Tordoff, 2003). The report documents the biological objectives for priority landscapes, and maps the distribution of conservation species (Tordoff, 2003)…

Volunteer tourism: Definition

1) Volunteer tourism is described as a field of tourism in which travelers visit a destination and take part in projects in the local community (Wearing, 2001). Projects are commonly nature-based, people-based or involve restoration of buildings and artifacts(Wearing, 2001). Volunteer tourism applies to those tourists who, for various reasons, volunteer in an organized way to undertake holidays and which have welfare effects on the part of society or environment (Wearing, 2001, p. 1)

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Literature review

The literature on international volunteer tourism is sparse. Volunteer tourism is considered to be associated with the sense of altruism and has potentials of becoming sustainable tourism business (Wearing and McGehee, 2013; Wearing, 2004, 2001). Despite positive aspects, some authors have also documented its negative aspects (Guttentag, 2009; Simpson, 2004). There is a huge capital flow in this area and private companies are planning to foray into this market, which, earlier was dominated by NGOs and Non-profit organizations. Due to commercialization, marketing perspective on volunteer tourism is necessary. There are two issues given in the literature: segmentation and customer expectations. Segmentation refers as to target the volunteer tourists (Lyons, 2003) 

STP Plan for Australian Tourist Market

There are four steps in successful marketing planning process (Wong, 2011, p. 5). These are analyzing the internal-external environment; target market analysis; marketing objectives setting and marketing strategy formulation; marketing implementation and control (Wong, 2011). Before moving further it is clarified that we are here focusing only upon the step 2, i.e. target market analysis for customers (Wong, 2011, p. 5) and assumes the internal-external scanning is already done. Target market analysis needs segmentation, targeting and positioning, generally referred as STP plan. In segmentation and targeting company selects the target customers…

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Communicating and delivering the chosen position

To communicate position we have to redesign the marketing mix- product, price, place and promotion. As the firm here is concentrating on same for less, it must focus to deliver the best service, charge the same price, train their personnel effectively…


In this paper, the main objective was to frame an STP marketing strategy for volunteer recruiting tourism agency -Species savers. Since this company is in the niche market, therefore a concentrated marketing strategy is required which, focus upon older age group volunteer tourists. Here in this paper, international volunteer tourism is considered. As there is a huge capital investment and new private players are foraying in the market therefore, a marketing strategy is quite useful to draw the future actions of the organization. The literature suggests having both positive and negative impacts of volunteer tourism on the environment and society. Further, as a part of the conclusion, it is suggested that a firm should carefully design it STP plan after considering the various aspects and researchers gone into it. Since Species savers have limited resources and intense competition in the market, it is suggested to have concentrated target marketing strategy and position recruitment of tourists as under same for less value proposition…

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