Self-awareness and career-related strengths and weaknesses -

Self-awareness and career-related strengths and weaknesses

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Business Management Question

1. What insights have you obtained about your personality, for example from the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator or the Big Five personality model?
2. What are your most important attitudes, values and motivators?
3. What are your emotional intelligence abilities?
4. What is your leadership aspiration and potential (or demonstrated ability)?
5. What are your approaches to power, politics and influence?


Business Management Solution

Self- awareness is a very crucial aspect to be considered in order to manage a smooth career and job. But again, this was one of the most neglected aspects. Lately, the advent and growth in organizational behavior have brought out its importance. Under the light of such importance identified, this report has been generated.
The purpose of the report was to develop an understanding of “self” by means of various self-analysis tools and determinants of self-awareness. Along with, abilities in decision making and planning were also considered as part of the work. Based on the career choice, self attributes have been measured to identify the strength inventory and assess the weaknesses to work on.
The main theories used in the report include “The Myers-Briggs Model”, “The Big Five Model of Personality” as well as “Personality Type Indicator” to check personality. The results displayed attributes including extrovert, sensitive, thinker as well as perceiver. To assess values and motivators the theories used include the Rokeach Value Survey (RVS) and Strengths Profile depicting qualities of bravery, fairness, honesty. Based on theories like Maslow’s and McClelland’s, I could relate to my desire for self-actualization to be of priority over monetary needs. All components of Emotional Intelligence as given by Daniel Goleman was assessed by taking up an emotional quotient test, which displayed good capabilities. Power and politics have been also understood theoretically based on some pieces of literature and accordingly assessed for “self”.
Decision making and planning have been considered to be a very important aspect when considering a role as a manager. Kolb’s problem-solving model has been assessed to understand the various aspects involved in the process. The report concludes with a summation of the capabilities of “self” discussed against the requirements in the Tourism Industry…………..

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