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Information Technology Assignment Question

What is the Importance of ITSM at North Dakota State? Also find the service strategy & service design?

Information Technology Assignment Solution on IT service management process

Executive Summary

The Information Technology department of North Dakota state is already a leader when it comes to maintaining a mature service delivery framework with superior service qualities. With the usage of FrontRange HEAT application providing immaculate solutions in service desk requirements to a diverse customer base in the State, it has taken the process of IT service management to a new level. The ITD follows the world-wide accepted ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standard practices for such effectiveness. ITIL has five volumes / focus areas, which are namely service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement. The first objective of our study has been to understand the ongoing service delivery strategies of the ITD of North Dakota State. We have laid emphasis on the first two domains of the ITIL standard of service management (i.e. service strategy and service design) and have assessed the ITD North Dakota procedures in this regard, in comparison with the best practices framework as defined in ITIL…

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Importance of ITSM at North Dakota State

North Dakota, ranked as the best run state in America as it makes the state second largest oil producer. The various state departments related to health, education, public services, etc. ,although work on different industry sectors, the fundamentals of service management remain the same as the customer is the same, in this case the resident of North Dakota (North Dakota IT Department, 2012-13). Information technology department (ITD) is responsible for providing efficient IT services to North Dakota Government. ITD has used Front Range heat solution to provide support to its own service desk. The main objective is to consolidate the process into a centralized service management toolset which helps to meet the business requirements. In future, ITD wants to maintain a self-service portal to deliver efficient customer support (North Dakota IT Department, 2012-13)

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IT Service Management Process activities

IT service management process has the following activities like Audit management, Technical management, application management, Project plan implementation, Change management, etc. By following the process activities, ITD in collaboration with Heat solution can able to make its infrastructure more efficient and provides customer satisfaction…

IT Service Strategy

The major focus of any IT service management implementation is the prioritization of the service provider to be used for its operations (Cannon, 2011). Where long-term development and improvement is so crucial, a lot of reliance is placed on this market-driven approach. IT service strategy is that governing stage, which will decide how much value will be rendered to the business by aligning organizational objectives to customer requirements…

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Service Portfolio Management

The definition of a service portfolio is not only restricted to the list of services provided but further divides into three portfolios for its IT services, namely application portfolio, infrastructure portfolio and project portfolio (Leliveld, 2004). ITD of North Dakota uses FrontRange HEAT solutions for its internal services and customer service desk needs since 1994 and 2014 respectively (FrontRange Solutions USA Inc., 2013). Given the familiarity of the users with this application and its decade-long use, it is a good idea to continue with the same. However, with the emergence of new technologies, as correctly pointed out by the ITD, use of FrontRange new HEAT 2013 (FrontRange Solutions USA Inc., 2013) would definitely make the system at par with today's developing market and deliver a more relative value of the institutions supported by ITD.  To introduce this, a well-defined Change Proposal has to be created for the management, which should include all vital factors like the risks associated, the impact of the change on current processes and of course, the costs incurred and timelines predicted…

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Business Relationship Management

The ITD of North Dakota has been able to maintain a mature business relationship model. This can be stated by considering that the ITD's service desk has been providing rapid service support and refined service delivery in the past year. A total of 66463 incidents and 43131 service requests were raised, and a whopping 99.9% customer satisfaction was achieved (North Dakota IT Department, 2012-13). The needs of the customer agencies have been well identified and customized solutions are being provided by the HEAT management solution as required (FrontRange Solutions USA Inc., 2013)

Demand Management

The ITD is facing a growing demand for service desk operations and as of date, it caters to government institutions ranging from banking to law to human services sectors (FrontRange Solutions USA Inc., 2013). The ITD however, needs to assess forthcoming demands for service desk needs, so that they are able to cater to the same, with no fall in service qualities. It would hence be a good idea to do the following: …

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Financial Management

Financial management helps the organization to make correct estimations for valuations of all IT assets and resources which were used in order to deliver IT services. With financial management in place, a transparent structure can be implemented in service strategy wherein the organization can plan and implement support and recover expenses done for delivering an IT support service. These details are carefully mentioned in the SLA agreement and play a vital role in the service strategy…

IT Service Design – Service Desk

Service design notifies the changes required to improve the existing service and identifies the business requirements. The various services of ITD can be grouped together under four primary categories which group together vital services together under each category (ITD, 2014)

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ISO/IEC 20000

ISO 20000 builds upon the principle of ITIL and provides a best practices framework for service management process and improves the quality of operation. It comprises of two parts, like IT service management Requirements and code of practice for service management. IT service management Requirement builds up a standard for a service provider to improve the service management system (David Clifford, 2008). It deals with design, transition, delivery and improvement of services to meet agreed service needs. It applies to both large and small organization and delivers standard and cost effective services to its customer. This standard is used as criteria for audit purpose. It provides a consistent approach to organization in terms of service delivery. Code of practices for service management is not a mandatory standard, but for audit purpose, organizations consider this. It covers different sections like scope, control process, resolution process, and implementation of the process (David Clifford, 2008)

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Conclusion & Recommendation

ITD is already following ITSM to improve its IT service activities and business operations. ITD has been successful in centralizing the IT solution and help desk support for multiple state agencies as they all shared similar requirements irrespective of their core competencies. In-Line with Heat Management; it wants to automate the process for customer satisfaction. Service design along with ITIL helps to achieve the business efficiency as it is required to set the business requirements and change the existing process according to the need of business. Being a customer centric organization, it has been able to provide quality services to its partners.

By following information service delivery approach, ITD can able to provide North Dakota efficient operation with least defects/issues. It has been found that for an organization like ITD it will benefit the company to get ISO/IEC Certified as this will help it position itself in the competing vendors and emerge as a promising IT partner for all other state agencies who still have their own IT solutions in place. Outsourcing has been found to be a cost-effective solution for IT help desk support but it comes at the cost of reduced customer satisfaction. The journey so far has been good and in the right direction.

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