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Short Answer Response and Reflection Assignment

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Nursing Question

Identify the key issues present within the case study and then identify the key laws that relate to this and discuss them? The laws fall into three areas; i.e. laws that relate to nursing and nursing students, laws that relate to the education provider and laws that relate to the health facility.

Nursing Solution

The case – 1 indicates the incapacity of the associated student in terms of accomplishing the physical requirements across the acute hospital setting. In the context of the challenges faced by the associated student in repeating the placement, she requests me to cover her physical disability and assist her in accomplishing her duties across the healthcare facility. The presented scenario indicates the situation of dilemma that forces me to take a decision regarding the associated student while considering the fact that any biased activity could have seriously adverse implications on the process of care, assistance and monitoring of the patients in the wards of the acute hospital. Indeed, being a fellow student I do have a soft corner for my associate; however, assisting her while keeping the quality of care for the patients in the ward does not seem appropriate to me at this point in time. Furthermore, I believe that a physically injured healthcare worker is a serious threat not only for the patient population but also for her own-self during the working hours. The positive aspect of this scenario is that the fellow student seeks the help that gives me insight regarding her health condition in the context of taking an appropriate decision while diligently considering the healthcare laws and ethical obligations of nurses for the treated patients. I also have to consider the adverse implications on my placement in case I opt to assist the fellow student in accomplishing her job despite her physical incompetence. 
The findings in evidence-based research literature identify the adverse influence of stress on the performance of nursing students in the clinical environment (Prato et al. 2011). In the present scenario, the psychological stress of the associated student is evident with her commitment to accomplishing the placement in the hospital; however, the stress due to her physical injury makes her incompetent in accomplishing the placement requirement. The research study by (Ulrich et al. 2010) advocates the effective implementation of the nursing codes of ethical conduct that warrants the practice of professional advocacy and beneficence in assisting the patient population across the clinical setting. In the present case, the physical condition of the associated student does not allow her to provide her the best services in accordance with the best interest of the patients. The covering of her tasks by the fellow nurse students also predisposes them to legal implications and considerably affects their participation in the placement session. The violation of the code of ethics in the present scenario will raise a direct question on the supervision provided by the nurse educator. The nurse educator, therefore, requires practicing “collegiality” in the context of elevating the standard of her teaching and efficiently tracking the incapacity of any of the fellow nurse students in undertaking the placement requirement (Smith 2012, p. 185). The “collegiality” pattern requires mutual professional interaction between the nurse educator, fellow students and members of the administration team for gaining their confidence while administering healthcare services to the patient population. This undoubtedly assists the nurse educator in terms of maintaining decorum across the placement setting and resolving the legal and ethical conflicts while safeguarding the health and wellness of the treated patients.

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