Significance Of Customer Satisfaction In The Airline Industry For The Promotion Of Tourism -

Significance Of Customer Satisfaction In The Airline Industry For The Promotion Of Tourism

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Business Research Proposal Question

The aim of Assessment 3 is to draw upon the concepts and processes you have learned about throughout the unit, and to prepare a detailed research proposal. This assessment builds upon the research concept you submitted as Assessment 1 and also the methodological insights you gained through Assessment 2.
In some instances, students studying certain Masters programs at SCU may actually implement their proposal as a real-life research project in a subsequent, capstone unit. For those students, it is important to take this assessment very seriously as it is an opportunity for you to receive constructive feedback on your ideas and proposed methodology from your lecturer, before putting it to work in the field later on. For other students, this assessment will be an exercise in consolidating and applying the material learnt in BUS00913.

Business Research Proposal Solution

Air travel is considered as one of the intangible services with distinguishing characteristics. This research proposal aims to determine the importance of customer satisfaction level among air travelers and its influence on promoting tourism in Australia. This section outlines the background context of the research, aims, and objective, the need for this research and the delimitation for this study.
Background Information
The airline industry is one of the highly competitive services industry in which customers play a vital role through their contribution in the traveling process. Apart from service quality and safety measures, customer satisfaction is the key strategy adopted by airlines (Khan & Khan 2014). The growth of the airline industry has created an ease of mobility and accessibility of the global destination. With such connectivity, airlines play a central role in facilitating the growth of the tourism industry. Globally, it is estimated the over 54% of the tourists travel by air (Aviation Benefits Beyond Borders 2016). There is a strong interdependency for survival between tourism and airline industries (Mamduh 2015). The growth and success of one industry drive the progress of the other. This research is proposed to be carried out among the customers of Qantas Group, the largest domestic and international airline of Australia (Airport Technology 2015). This research will analyze the interconnection between customer satisfaction level in the airline industry and its influential role in enhancing tourism in the country.
Research Aim Statement
The proposed research study will be conducted to highlight the significance of customer satisfaction in the airline industry with a specific focus on Qantas Airways, as it is the largest and most customer preferred airline of Australia. The aim of the proposed research is to identify and explore the factors that act as contributors to customer satisfaction in the airline industry and the implications of customer satisfaction towards the airline and tourism industry……………………………

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