Social Work Theories in Diverse Context -

Social Work Theories in Diverse Context

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Social Work Assignment Question

1. Identify two theories that you could use to help you understand what is going in the Cruise family and provide a reason why you selected these theories. Please select one individual focused theory and a structural focused theory?
2. Describe the main argument for each of the theories you have selected?
3. Name 2 principles from each of the theories and apply it to an aspect of the case study,
that is, use the principle to inform your interpretations or practice with the Cruise family?

Social Work Assignment Solution


In the field of social work, it is very important to understand the cases, groups, communities and individuals one is working with. This field is not only risky but as a social worker one should understand that their subjects are dependent on the choice that the social worker makes. In order to justify ones role as a social worker, it is extremely important to maintain a balance of theories and real life scenarios (Healy, K., 2005). Since this field always throws real time problems, the social worker has to keep pace with them and serve the community with a rational bent of mind (Healy, K., 2005). Likewise, in the given case study, I have tried my best to justify my understanding of the field of social work by using relevant theories and literature with Cruise family. In this task it was very critical for me to study the case from different perspectives and try to understand the psychological and social implications that the family was going through. 


In order to understand the problems faced by Cruise family I have selected Cognitive Behavioural Approach as individual focused theory and Systems Theory as structural focussed theory. 

The Cognitive Behavioural Approach is basically used to understand the ongoing problems of the client at individual level. I found this theory to be relevant because it provides with a proper structure that uses a problem focused behavioural and cognitive strategies, which is supported by empirical studies. With this theory, as a social worker I also get the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of intervention strategies that I apply (Prendes, A. and Brisebois, K., 2012).………………


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